5 Great Inspirational Movies And TV Shows


It is not always simple to find inspiration in this world that keeps disappointing us, but sometimes, we can find it in the craziest places. What makes us want to do more and be more are movies and TV series, and we will uncover just which ones can help lift you up as well.

Some people look for inspiration in religion, some go to a self-help section at their local bookstore, others play their tunes… If none of these work for you, you came to the right place. For us, there’s nothing better than tales about overcoming adversity, about people turning the world upside down for the better to make our spirits score high, and to give us the motivation to carry on.

If you are looking for movies and shows that can help to shake you out of complacency and get you fired up – these should do the trick.

Princess Mononoke

This amazing masterpiece from Studio Ghibli follows Princess of the forest – Mononoke and a young warrior named Ashitaka while they fight to restore order between supernatural forces and the human world.

Nothing more inspiring than looking at this huge metaphor about what we are doing to the world that surrounds us. It will make you scared, it will make you smile, and it will make you cry, but Princess Mononoke leaves you with a new determination.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Chosen one, the one that will save the world, happens to be a teenager. A cute, blonde, irritating cheerleader, who just wants to be normal, and her friends – a dork and a geek, together with her mentor fight the forces of the evil episode to episode.

This was never just another TV show, it was the first TV show that made a female heroine who wasn’t one-dimensional. Buffy knows loss, love, turmoil, she struggles with her duties while at the same time being incredibly strong, and she is not alone. Friendship, family, love, true values – silly and campy episodes of this show can sometimes make you ponder more deeply than any drama.

Patch Adams

He wants to be a doctor. But he doesn’t want to be cold and uninterested in his patients, he cannot imagine being cold and uncaring. He uses humor and pathos, along his medical knowledge to help his patients.

The critics always hated this film, but the fact that it earned triple its budget says a lot more than a bunch of critics ever could. Robin Williams and Monica Potter show us what love for your profession and your fellow man should look like. This film is warm and gentle, it is a tear jerker, but it’s well worth it for the feeling you get after watching. Watch it, and rethink what you’ve been doing and saying.

The Truman Show

Truman Burbank lives an ordinary middle-class life in an ordinary little town while being completely unaware that he is actually the star of the most popular TV show on the planet. Every person in his life is an actor, and he is the only genuine person there “There’s nothing fake about Truman himself. No scripts, no cue cards. It isn’t always Shakespeare, but it’s genuine. It’s a life.” Slowly, he starts realizing something is wrong.

And there we see why Jim Carrey is considered one of the best actors. We feel for Truman, we look at his fake little world, and we just want him to get what he really wants. And then the movie ends, and we are left considering our own worlds with a new determination.


As far as comedies go, this one is a really unique one. A pretty poor family with three kids has one child with special needs. All three of their kids are teenagers. In a politically correct world, this show is really unique, as it is not being careful, they are making jokes on account of a disabled character and his family without being pitying or morose.

This really strikes a chord. In our day-to-day lives, we see people with disabilities, but only a few of us know what life is like for them and their families. This new perspective will inspire you to seize the day like never before while making you laugh out loud at their incredible sense of humor.

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