According to Health Experts, These Are the Best Diets to Follow in 2018


It seems like everyone’s New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to become healthier and U.S. News & World Report is here to help you decide which diet to follow this year to achieve your health and fitness goals. The leading platform in global ranking and consumer advice released a list of this year’s best diets after careful assessment by health experts.

The report also provided extensive information for almost 40 diet plans to help millions of Americans to achieve a better lifestyle. Here are the best five diet plans ranked by the Report according to their effectiveness, ease of following and safety.

DASH and Mediterranean Diet

People who follow the Mediterranean diet are allowed to have plenty of healthy fats from nuts, fish and olive oil 

Tying at the number one spot are the two diets that experts consider the healthiest and the easiest to maintain. Both DASH and Mediterranean diets are quite similar in their characteristics and health benefits. Doctors have also rated these diets extremely good for heart health and diabetes.

The DASH diet, which was created for people with high blood pressure, promotes the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables along with low-fat protein and dairy. Although this diet has relatively less restrictions, people who follow it should steer clear of sugary, processed foods as well as saturated fats and salt which are harmful for your heart’s health and increases your risk of obesity.

Very similar to DASH is the Mediterranean diet which promotes weight loss by eating clean meals made with fresh ingredients free of sodium, processed sugar and saturated fats. The diet is inspired by the Mediterranean style of living followed by countries like Spain, Italy and France. People who follow this diet are allowed to have plenty of healthy fats from fish, nuts and olive oil as well as whole grains, lean meats and dairy.

Flexitarian Diet

If you’re a vegetarian who occasionally indulges in meaty burgers or barbeques then flexitarian diet may be for you. As the name suggests, flexitarian is a flexible diet which allows you to switch from plant-based to meat-based diet occasionally so that you get the best of both worlds.

However, there are specific guidelines regarding the quantities of meat that you’re allowed to eat while following this diet. Ideally, flexitarians should aim for 26 ounces of meat spread out over 5 days and going completely meatless for the remaining two days of the week.

The followers of this diet experience several benefits including lower risk of cardiovascular disease and controlled blood pressure.

Weight Watchers

True to its name, the weight watchers diet promotes a healthy, slightly more restrictive lifestyle which is best for those who are aiming to lose a few pounds this year. Thanks to celebrities like Opera Winfrey who is known for following this diet religiously, weight watchers now ranks at number 3 on the list of the best diets of 2018.

It follows a point system whereby each food is given a number depending on its nutritional value and those who follow the diet must aim for a certain number of points in a day.


MIND is quite similar to the Mediterranean diet but with a specific focus on improving brain function.

One of the best diets in the world for promoting brain health and lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s is MIND which is somewhat similar to the Mediterranean and the DASH diets in its characteristics but with a specific focus on improving brain function.

Followers of this diet are encouraged to eat foods like leafy greens, nuts, beans, olive, oil, fish and wine. Some of the foods that should be avoided include high-fat dairy, fried food and red meat.

TLC And Volumetric Diet

 Both Volumetrics and TLC diets are plentiful in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables 

Both Volumetrics and TLC diets are tied for the last place on the list but they are still useful for those trying to lower their blood pressure or improve cardiovascular health. TLC, which stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, promotes a low-fat diet which lowers cholesterol and helps you lose weight. This diet is plentiful in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber and nutrients.

Voumetrics diet is considered as good as TLC by experts and it works by adding low-calorie foods in high volume which keeps you fuller for longer while reducing the total calorie consumption throughout the day. This ensures that you lose weight while eating greater portions of food so that you don’t feel starved or low on energy.