Adrenal Fatigue And Exercise – What You Need To Know


Working out can be fun and strenuous as well. However, the excessive workout can be injurious to your body, due to the attack of adrenal fatigue. Liz Letchford is a fitness expert and injury care practitioner. She sheds more light on this rare subject matter.

Adrenal fatigue occurs when your body is over-stretched during work out sessions. In other words, it comes up when people spend too long on vigorous exercises. Adrenal fatigue is a stumbling block to fitness plans and overall health. Liz explained that when exercisers engage themselves in energy exerting workouts for prolonged hours nonstop, coupled with external forces like sadness, bad love affairs, work-related stress and physical structure, then they could be inviting adrenal fatigue.

She continued by explaining that cortisol, the major stress hormone that stores fat in the belly region of the body, does not like to be disturbed. Non-stop exercises can upsets cortisol. The human body has limits to the energy it expels, but forceful over-stretching of your fight and flight capacity through strenuous physical training can lead to the imbalance of your hormones. As a result, you can experience the addition of weight to your abdominal region, tiredness, sweatiness, energy deficiency and lots more side-effects, Liz warned.

The irony of this situation is that you will eventually gain the weight you were trying to lose in the first place. The fitness expert made it clear that losing excess flesh and developing intimidating muscles are not the only reasons workout was created. Working out is meant to the overall physical wellness. It aids the maintenance of your central nervous system through a composited arrangement of hormones. On the other hand, says Liz, when you hit these hormones to a dangerous point, then expect to face severe consequences.

Liz was not too happy with the new trend of extreme work out sessions that many trainers are doing now in spite of the adverse effects. She admitted that this fashion is very common among fitness trainers these days. They believe that much energy should be dedicated to your body in the gyms.

After all said and done, you still need to achieve that fitness goal you have set for yourself, without being attacked by adrenal fatigue. Liz offered some professional advice. She said people should select a workout plan that will suit their targets. She recommended picking two options. First is a session that will not take long hours to end but the exercises will be as exerting as possible. The second option is to go for a session that will last for long hours, but the training will be simple to do.

On the subject of a two-a-day exercise plan, she vehemently preached against it. She explained that two-a-day drains your energy. You must allow your body to regain all the lost hormones and powers that have been lost while you exercised it. Always take your rest on stipulated days. Your body needs it to recover from all of the breaking downs that have been happening during workouts.

No doubts, Liz is a reliable authority in this field. Over the years, her work had brought clients who had added weight due to over-working out, and through her guidance, they had lost the weight again. She adopted the technique of less proper dieting, stress-reduction and long-duration high-intensity for them and the outcome was fantastic. In no time, they regained their bodies.

Still on the ways to prevent or cure adrenal fatigue, another medical expert in natural medicine and CEO, Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia, Dr. David Jockers also gave these five tips;

  1. Always drink enough water to stabilize the stress hormone secretion. Take at least 4 liters of water daily.
  1. Consume more fatty foods every day such as pure protein, good fibers, sweeteners from natural sources, antioxidant phytonutrients and so on.
  1.  Zinc, B Vitamins, and Magnesium. Don’t eat your meals without including magnesium, Vitamins B, and zinc. These nutrients can be obtained from pumpkin seeds, organic meat, and green tea. They boost blood sugar regulation.
  1. Always take a very deep breath on a daily basis. Allow your nerves to relax and develop healthy breathing habit.
  1. Have you tried dry brushing on your skin before? Dr. Jokers recommends trying out the Ayurvedic method of dry brushing.

The advantage is that it fosters easy flow of lymph and detoxifies.

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