After Hearing Strange Rumors About New Home, Man Makes A Chilling Backyard Discovery


When deciding on buying a home there are usually a number of inspections in order to determine if the structure is sound. However, little is researched about the backyard of a home, aside from how wide it is and if a pool, tree house or whatever you might want fits there. For John Sims, this was also true, but as it turned out, his backyard held much more than he had ever imagined. Keep reading to find out more about the adventure that John Sims never saw coming when he moved into his new home.

Home sweet home, or is it?

Although John Sims purchased his new property from a known friend and this made him at ease with the transaction, his new residence, located in Tucson Arizona, had an alleged history behind it. The former owner only told him a bit about it when John was moving in, making reference to an alleged story that no one knew for certain if it was true. This would be the starting point of a story which John Sims never signed up for, but that would become a project that almost became an obsession as the time went on.

Haven’t you heard?

Apparently, there were rumors that something about the backyard of the house was not quite right. The previous owner was never interested in finding more about it. With this ambiguous hint, John could have just continued on, doing the pertinent changes in home décor he saw fit. However, as he unpacked, he had a nagging feeling, an idea that kept circulating through his head. Would he be able to live there without knowing if his friend was right? Was there more to his backyard than what met the eye? Were there any unseen depths to his simple Tucson home?

Buying into the mystery

John’s curiosity got piqued and now he couldn’t put the idea to rest. After all, there was something he didn’t know about his own home! Almost as a joke, he told his friend to get him a shovel immediately. His friend laughed but John actually meant it. That was when he realized that if he was going to get to the bottom of this, he would have to make an investment. Would it be worth it in order to find out what secrets his backyard held? Or would it be a waste of his time? Either way, the seed was planted and it kept growing in John’s mind.