Woman Discovers Something Extraordinary While Playing Pokémon Go



Can you imagine saving someone’s life while playing a smartphone game? An Ohio woman certainly didn’t when she accidently stumbled into a bizarre situation while playing Pokémon Go on her phone.

Allison Hines left her house on Friday to catch some Pokemons on her mobile game, instead, she ran into a man who had been missing for more than 24 hours

Catching Pokémon

Allison Hines is a true Pokemon lover but she never thought that the popular smartphone game could actually save someone’s life one day. Last Friday, after returning home from a tiring day at work, she wanted to do something fun so she grabbed her phone and headed out around her neighborhood, hunting for virtual characters on Pokemon Go.

But, while she was playing the game, something extraordinary happened and she ran into an 83-year-old dementia patient named Homer Howard who had been missing for more than 24 hours.

The rescue story was so incredibly heartwarming that it became popular after Hines posted about it on her Facebook page. Her post received thousands of likes and shares and soon more news publications like Business Insider were featuring it on their website.

In an interview with the local news agency, Hines said that she is a diehard Pokemon Go fan and she religiously plays the game every day. However, never before had she stumbled upon such an amazing discovery.

The Navy Veteran says that on the eventful Friday, she was stopping by her usual Pokemon stops to find some virtual game characters when she spotted the 83-year-old close to one of the stops in Kenny Shields Park, Kentucky.

Running Into the 83-Year-Old

When she first saw Howard, he immediately caught her attention because he was wearing a navy hat which reminded her of her military days. She politely smiled at the man but he didn’t respond. As she turned around and started to walk away from him, a voice inside her said that something was not right.

She said that if she ever smiled at a stranger and they didn’t smile back, her first instinct was usually to turn away and leave, but in this particular instance, she almost didn’t want to leave the man alone. He looked confused and scared as if he was lost and didn’t know who to ask for help.

Hines approached Homer and asked if he was lost. As soon as he began to speak, she was sure that something was wrong. The 83-year-old didn’t seem to know where he was or how he got there. At first, he said that he was waiting for his wife to come get him but a few minutes later he changed his story and told Hines that a medical van was supposed to come find him.

Hines suspected that Homes had some sort of mental disorder but she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. She said that she knew Homes wasn’t telling her the entire truth because there weren’t any medical officers around to send a van for him.

After talking to Howard’s family, Hines discovered that he had Dementia and had wandered 35 miles away from him home

Aligning of Stars

To test his memory, Hines asked a few basic questions including his name, phone number and wife’s name and he was able to answer them all correctly. After getting in touch with his family though the number he gave her, Hines found out that the 83-year-old had dementia and was missing for more than 24 hours. She also found out that his house was more than 35 miles away in the state of Ohio– no wonder he didn’t know where he was!

Hines drove him to the local police station where she waited until his family arrived. They thanked the former veteran for saving Howard’s life and even snapped a few photos together before parting ways.

Hines said in the interview that she is a strong believer in destiny and that day’s experience was already written in her fate. She jokingly said that her love for Pokemon Go and Navy aligned with the universe that day to bring her to Howard who was desperately in need of help.

The Navy veteran said most people would not notice a person in need because they are too consumed in their cellphones and other electronic gadgets to know what is going on around them. Sometimes its good to put away the phone and connect with other humans around you – you never know who might need your help.

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