Amazing Life Lessons From Emmy Award-Winning Television Series ‘This Is Us’


For most people all over the world, the family usually comes first. It is something very dear to everyone because it is something that was given to you but it is not something anyone can steal from you. It doesn’t matter what your skin color may be, it doesn’t matter how much money you got, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, it doesn’t matter what kind of personality you have, you’ll always have family, and it is something to be treasured as long as you live. This is what NBC’s new drama series is all about, different people but all with the same center, and that is family.

This Is Us premiered on September 2016


In this year’s Emmy’s, one particular television shined the brightest after being nominated for not just one but for ten categories including the Outstanding Drama Series as well as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Sterling K. Brown, who is even described as authentic, intelligent, and charismatic. Yes, we are talking about the new family drama series courtesy of NBC, This Is Us. After its premiere just last September 2016, it already received such great reviews both from experts and its viewers. Rotten Tomatoes reported that it has 89 percent approval rating. Rotten Tomatoes’ critical consensus reads, “Featuring full-tilt heartstrings-giggling family drama, This Is Us will provide a suitable surrogate for those who have felt a void in their lives since Parenthood went off the air.” Even Entertaining Weekly gave it a B and called this new drama series as “a refreshing respite from the relational violence and pessimism that marks the other buzz soaps that have bubbled forth from a culture of divisiveness.”

Aside from Brown, This Is Us includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan, and Ron Chepas Jones to its ensemble cast.
Despite being a ‘newbie’, This Is Us have actually done something not a lot of television series have done, and that is to inspire and give life lessons to its viewers, especially when it comes to family and relationships.


Lemons Are Made To Be Lemonades

Almost everyone loves lemonades but not everyone loves the sourness of lemons. Just like how people love the good things that happen to them but then they don’t really like the bad ones. It is a normal reaction though, however, it is always a matter of choice. When Dr. K (Gerald McRaney) told Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) that one of his newborn triplets didn’t make it, that must have been like a rollercoaster of emotions filling him. He is happy with the fact that he is now a father of two babies, but at the same time, he is in pain because he just lost one. However, Dr. K just mentioned a newly delivered baby that was taken to the hospital, the baby was left in front of the fire station. Dr. K then told him that “I’d like to think that maybe one day you’ll be an old man like me, talking a younger man’s ear off, explaining to him how you took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turning it into something resembling lemonade.”

“You can do that, then you’ll still be taking home three babies from this hospital. Maybe not the way you planned,” Dr. K explained.

And so they did, life is indeed full of surprises, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. Jack and his ego Rebecca lost one of their triplets, but that just opened a door for them to actually take in another baby who needs a family.

Nothing Lasts Forever Except For Memories

It is often pretty difficult to explain things to children especially if it is something that you know they wouldn’t understand yet. However, it is probably just a matter how you actually explain things. Kevin (Justin Hartley) painted a Jackson Pollock style painting, and he explained the wonders of life and death to his nieces that even adults would definitely listen.

The blank canvas serves as life and the colors on it are the people. He explained that people are born into this world to add color to other people’s lives, then again, no one lives forever and that’s completely normal. It is a cycle of life, some are born then there are people who die. This doesn’t mean that they are no longer part of the painting though, it just means that their memories will stay there forever.

Life Is Short, Enjoy Every Moment

This has got to be the most common saying and yet not a lot of people really look deeply into it. When Randall (Sterling K. Brown) took his father to Memphis to see some relatives, his father realized something, and that is the fact that Randall is so selfless that he always put other people before himself, that is of course not a bad thing, but it is also not bad to let people take care of you as well.

When his father died, Randall couldn’t help but ponder over his father’s words. Life is indeed short, you must look after yourself, enjoy your life, spend it with people who make you happy and cares about you. Appreciate every moment because it is something that you can never take back, there are no pause, rewind or fast forwards in life.

Not All Relationship Last, And That’s Okay

This Is Us is so relatable that it is not actually making things overly dramatic. Life definitely gives people lemons but then again that’s just normal, life itself is already dramatic so there is just no need to make it even sadder. Just like what happened between Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Shelley (Wynn Everett) when they were announcing that they are getting divorced. “You either roll up your sleeves and fight for what you’ve got, or you decided to that you’re tired and you give up.”

Jack once said that relationships aren’t really meant to last long especially if both parties are too tired. It doesn’t have to be all complicated, and it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. However, they have to do what is best for them and what would make each other happy.

This Is Us cast on its Season 2 premiere

Life is definitely full of ups and downs, however, most people always focus on the down part. It is fact that we cannot control everything that happens to us, but keep in mind that we are the ones who make our own choices. This new family drama series definitely has more to it than meets the eye, it deals with life’s ups and downs especially when it comes to family, it’s real life that has been made into a television series. One of the major reasons why people absolutely love it is that a lot of people can definitely relate to it, and at the same time, they learn a lot from it. These aren’t new lessons, in fact, some of them are way too old, but then it is such a good reminder for everyone especially in this world we are in right now.

Do you watch ‘This Is Us’? What other lessons do you think you can learn from every episode? They recently premiered their season 2 so there are definitely more inspiring quotes and stories for everyone to reflect in.