The Best Healthy Halloween Candies You Would Actually Eat


The 31st of October comes with a lot of excitement, from the costumes down to sharing of candies with friends and family. Halloween is a special holiday for everyone, and while most people pay attention to the costumes, they parade in they often pay very little attention to the candies that go into their stomach.

Candies are usually consumed in a large amount during Halloween, and some candies are quite nutritious while others are not so nutritious. Indiscriminate eating of candy can cause obesity or diabetes in children and even adults, so it is necessary to find the healthy kind of candy for a healthy course.

A lady holding a tray of candies for Halloween

Here are some of the best healthy candies for Halloween.


For those who are love peanuts there a very many types of healthy peanut candies that is very low in fat and also highly nutritious.

Baby Ruth

A small bar of this candy contains just a mere 85 calories; it’s made with high-fructose corn syrup and Trans fats. These minerals are known to fight with obesity, visceral fat, and brain fogginess.

The Ocho – Caramel and Peanut

The Ocho is the organic version of a Babe Ruth. It’s made with organic cane sugar and chocolate liquor. It also contains very little amount of calories, it is one hundred percent natural and does not contain any fake ingredients or genetically modified corn. The Ocho is an all year round candy.

Peanut M&Ms

Peanut M&M’s are healthier than regular ones

The M&Ms is a healthy candy choice for the holiday season. Peanut M&Ms boast protein, fiber, and even some calcium with just 93 calories, 4.7 grams of fat, and 9.1 grams of sugar.


It is necessary for those who are on a diet to check the type of candy they consume to avoid unhealthy eating. Non-healthy fatty candy helps those who are on a diet to enjoy the fun of the holiday while also not going off track in their dieting.

Candy Corn

The candy corn contains very little concentration of fat you can eat 19 pieces for 140 calories. This lovely candy contains sugar, honey, artificial colors, and some sesame oil.

Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snack

These are highly organic candies; they are sweetened with fruit juice and derive its color from carrots and black currants juices. Although they contain wax, they are also very low in calories they contain just 19 pieces for 140 calories.


Almond Joy

 Almond Joy is not just coconut and almonds covered in chocolate. It contains milk, lactose, corn syrup, it is very nutritious and contains a high level of protein with a relatively small amount of calories, and one mini bar has 80 calories.


Mounds and Almond Joy are both made by Hershey’s, so their ingredient list is similar, but the Mounds contain less processed milk than the Almond Joy. There are seven ingredients in the little mini bar, including corn syrup, preservatives, chocolate, and milk proteins.

Oskri Coconut Dark Chocolate

Oskri Coconut bars are gluten-free

It has just three ingredients coconut, rice syrup, and dark chocolate just what you would have guessed. It has the same amount of calories as a mini Mound.

Hersey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses- The Only Chocolate Made With Real Sugar

Asides being the only chocolate made with real sugar, it contains just 23% calories. Hersey removed the high fructose corn syrup from their Kisses earlier in 2015. There’s some milk in it, as its milk chocolate, and its great go-to for those who crave a chocolate milk combination.

Hershey’s Kisses Special Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains antioxidant-rich flavanols, a component rich in cocoa that contains many heart-healthy benefits. It contains a higher level of calories and shouldn’t be overindulged in to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate, 70% Cacao

This chocolate candy contains a very high cacao nutrient that nourishes the body. The nutrients make the skin looks brighter and smoother, and it also carries many heart-healthy benefits. It also contains a healthy level of calories.

UNREAL Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Gems

The bright colors of these beautiful wonders are derived from natural ingredients like beets, turmeric, hibiscus, and cabbage. This delicious chocolate contains nutrient-rich quinoa. And just a single serving delivers 12% of the daily recommended fiber intake.

Whatever candy or chocolate brand you crave, the key is moderation. It’s hard to do this especially during Halloween, but always remember the long-lasting effect of sugar and empty calories on your body. It’s certainly okay to treat yourself, but not to the extent of your health. 

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