We Bet You’ll NEVER Eat these Fast Food Items Again After Reading What’s Inside Them


We all probably know by this point that junk food is extremely unhealthy. It’s packed with saturated fats, processed carbs, and a number of other harmful ingredients that can do some serious damage to our waistline if consumed regularly.

Despite knowing how bad fast food can be for health, people still find it hard to fight the unhealthy temptation. So, if you’re struggling to find the willpower to say No! to your junk food habit in order to reach your long-term fitness goals, here are a few shockingly gross facts about popular fast food items that will make you think twice before getting stuck into a greasy cheeseburger from your favorite fast food joint ever again.

McDonald’s Milkshakes

McDonald’s employees say that the fast food chain doesn’t actually sell milkshakes, instead, the thick, creamy stuff that they serve in a plastic cup is just called a ‘shake’ because no milk is used in it. This admission gave birth to several conspiracy theories with people questioning whether McDonalds was using potatoes or some strange ingredient like Styrofoam or animal eyeballs in those delicious beverages.

The truth is that the fast food giant uses full-fat soft-serve ice cream and blend it up with a number of benign ingredients such as preservatives, food coloring, and artificial flavors. What constitutes as an artificial flavor for McDonald’s, you ask? It could be anything from butyric acid found in vomit to isobutyl anthranilate, a dangerous chemical that releases toxic byproducts upon heating.

‘Chicken’ McNuggets

According to researchers, most part of a chicken nugget is in fact skin, connective tissue, fat, and bone fragments

A few years ago, a horrifying image showing how McDonalds actually made their delicious chicken nuggets went viral on the internet – and most people were losing their appetite over it. The pink sludge in the picture that resembled strawberry gelato was actually entire chickens – meat, bones, eyeballs, beaks, and feet – blended into a fine paste and mixed with ammonia hydroxide. Yes folks, it’s the same ammonia that you often find in the market with a symbol of skull and crossbones on it.

Soda Machines May Contain Traces of Feces

Who doesn’t love those fountain drink dispensers at fast food restaurants with an unlimited flow of soda? Wait till you hear what the studies have discovered inside them. Researchers say that almost half of the drink dispensers have traces of feces in them. Would you still like a large coke with that?

Subway Eat Fresh Yoga Mats

People who head over to Subway thinking that they’re making a heathier choice over traditional fast food places, aren’t aware of the ingredients that go into making Subway’s world-famous bread.

Apparently, one ingredient in the ‘healthy’ sandwiches that has offended everyone is azodicarbonamide, an elastic component used in rubber and yoga mats. Even though Subway has pledged to eliminate the ingredient from their products, most bakeries and other fast food chains still use it abundantly to add elasticity to their breads.

You Can Use Coca-Cola to Clean Your Toilet

Did you know that a 330ml bottle of Coke contains no less than 10 teaspoons of sugar!

This is for the coke lovers out there: studies have found that your favorite soft-drink can double as a toilet cleaner due to the citric acid inside it which can kill microorganisms and remove stains. Don’t believe us? Pour a can of Coca-Cola down the toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour before flushing – it’s pure magic. Now, wait till it does the same to your insides.

Even Salads at Fast Food Chains Aren’t Healthy

If you saw the number of calories in a McDonald’s seemingly-healthy salad, you’ll probably think that you’re better off choosing a large cheeseburger and fries order. Sadly, it isn’t just the greasy chicken, pieces of fatty bacon, cheese powder, and creamy ranch dressing that are making these salads unhealthy – but also a strange ingredient most fast food chains use to keep their lettuce fresh. Apparently, most places sprinkle propylene glycol to keep their lettuce crispy for longer.

Hash Browns are Even Worse than Cheeseburgers

Who doesn’t love crispy hash browns with their breakfast order from McDonald’s? If you thought that these potatoes formed in the shape of patties and deep fried constitute as healthy breakfast, wait till you hear how many calories are inside them. Pound for pound, hash browns have more calories and fat than a cheeseburger or even a Big Mac!

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