How to Burn More Calories While Traveling Without Having to Go to the Gym


Most people toss their diet and fitness routine to the wind while on a vacation, but traveling should not be the reason to let your waistline expand out of control if you don’t have access to a decent gym.

An Orbitz survey showed that more than 85 per cent of people increase their food intake while travelling and don’t hit the hotel gym often to burn off the extra calories. If you’re one of them, here are a few awesome tips to help you work up a sweat without having to spend grueling hours on the hotel cardio machines.

Make Your Workout Adventurous

You can even take your workout session at the local streets or park while performing all types of exercises you feel conformable doing as long as you keep your body moving

You can plan a number of activities during your getaway which include a moderate amount of exercise to torch extra calories while getting plenty of sight-seeing. If you love riding the bicycle and happen to be in an urban location, check out the bike rentals around your hotel where you can grab a bicycle for a couple of hours and ride around town, soaking in the sun and the scenery around you.

If you happen to find a great viewing point atop a mountain or a building, seize the opportunity to burn extra calories by taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get to the top. Climbing is a great blend of cardiovascular activity and resistance training that gets your heart rate up while toning up your lower body.

You can even take your workout session to the local park outside while performing a little circuit of bench push-ups and step-ups, and repeating it for a few sets.

Discover on Foot

You’re probably tempted to call an Uber or a taxi to get to a certain location while in a strange city, but getting to your destination on foot is a different kind of adventure that doesn’t only involve plenty of sight-seeing along the way but also burns a lot of calories. You can design your own walking tour before leaving for your trip to know exactly where you’ll be going on which day.

Find out the best walking routes in the map which have plenty of attractions on the way so that you can make pitstops and admire the scenery while indulging in some local delicacies – you’ll be able to burn off most of the food you eat, promise!

Get an Early Workout

People don’t always travel for leisure, sometimes they need to make important business trips and can’t take out enough time for a walking or a bicycle tour. If you have a busy day planned ahead, you’re better off getting a quick workout session in the morning so you don’t have to think about it later.

You can find plenty of high-intensity exercises online that burn tons of calories without requiring any gym equipment. Getting in a quick sweat session early in the morning can rev up your metabolism and leave you feeling fresh and energized throughout the day.

Do Some Strength Exercises While Waiting in the Line

There are several exercise moves you can do without your fellow bystanders noticing

One of the downsides of visiting popular tourist attractions is that you probably have to wait in a line for a long time before getting your hands on the ticket. But you can utilize this time to do a few exercises that will tone up your abs, calves and glutes.

Try deep breathing exercise by sucking in your stomach while breathing out and stretching it while breathing in, glute squeezes with a 3 second hold to tighten up your backside and calf raises for toning your lower legs.

Take a Stroll at the Airport

Who said Airport can’t be a good place to exercise? 

Airport is probably the most ideal place for taking long, leisurely strolls since you need to get there a couple of hours before your flight and there are plenty of shops to look around in while you wait for the departure gate to open. Your heavy bags are going to add enough resistance to make your walk challenging hence burning more calories.

You can also perform stretches after a long flight to loosen your muscles and get rid of any soreness in your lower back. If you’re a big fan of yoga, perform these two moves to relax your mind and body: child’s pose and downward dog.