California Citizens Panic Over Cell Phone Radiation Warnings From Authorities


Living in this modern world would mean that 9 out of 10 people actually have a mobile phone. In this generation, if you don’t have one, then it is like you are not living, you are merely existing. Mobile phones have been around for some quite some time now, it is only evolving and it has managed to help people live their daily lives and most of them can’t even last a day without it. However, these mobiles are also known to be carcinogenic or may cause cancer because of radiation, this is all according to the World Health Organization as well as the International Agency for Research in Cancer. Then again, billions of people couldn’t care less since there hasn’t been enough study regarding the harm it may cause to the human body. One particular state in the United States took matters into their own hands and decided to send out a, what it seems to be a public health warning but then, it was apparently just to let people know that there are guidelines when it comes to cell phone usage and their people must be aware of that.


On December of 2017, the public health officials of California seemed to have sent out a document that is like warning the people of the dangers of cell phone use. According to a statement released by the director of the California Department of Public Health Dr. Karen Smith, they are not exactly giving out the warning or some form of alert that may cause chaos, they are merely informing the people. In fact, they don’t even have anything to do with the guidelines that were reported. It was actually the University of California’s Center for Family and Community Health director Joel Moshkowitz who is the one who wanted to see the guidelines when it comes to mobile phone usage.

This is because there was actually a court order regarding the matter and according to Smith, they are only working on a some form of a draft for the guidelines back in 2014. She also said that they have actually pushed aside the idea of putting out these guidelines on cell phone usage because this particular technological device keeps on evolving so that would mean they need to keep up with how fast it is changing so that would know how it would affect the human body. They are only certain about one thing and that is no matter how old or new mobile phones are, it comes with radiation that may cause cancer.

The California research documents that they are actually talking about states that there are studies that link mobile phones to health diseases but it is actually unclear if scientists have agreed to this and it never talked about the severity of the matter. One thing is for sure though, the document actually states that people should use their mobile phones for texting more often than using them for calls and it should always be on purses or their bags instead of their pockets. The documents also say that people shouldn’t sleep with their phones unless it is in airplane mode. These are some things that people already know though so it is more of a reminder than a warning.


These mobile devices may have indeed taken over the world but the people are actually aware of the fact that there is such thing called as radiation that they need to worry about. What the people are most concerned about is basically the fact that radiation may cause cancer. Despite the advanced technology, no one has ever managed to find or make a cure for cancer so everyone is still worried about having it. Studies from the past couple of years have shown how brain cancer is actually possible but according to the American Cancer Society, most studies regarding this matter don’t actually have the same conclusions making them pretty inaccurate.

However, the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program has actually done a research involving rats that are exposed to radiation in low levels for about nine hours every single day and they have found that these rats actually may have brain and heart tumors after the experiments. It is still unclear whether this would affect humans.