Can Liquid Diets Really Help With Your Weight Loss Goals?


We are all dying to lose weight and get healthy somehow. Even if that means taking a short-cut, we really don’t mind, after all, nobody has time for long processes these days. Various trendy diets often promoted by our favorite stars plague the internet now and then, making it terribly difficult for us to choose what is really good for our body and mind. One of these fad diets has to be the liquid “Juice” diet. In this diet, you replace all your solid food with liquids. Moreover, a liquid diet promises to cleanse your body of all kinds of toxins, hence the double benefit. Thanks to social media, we know exactly which celebrities swear by this diet and hence the reason why we want to try it out for ourselves. When the Netflix original series, Insatiableshowed how the protagonist lost weight when she went on a liquid diet. Despite the glamour quotient surrounding this diet, is it true that the liquid diet is actually amazing? Let’s find out!

You Might Not Lose Just Fat

The good news from this is that you might end up losing fat after all! But experts believe that if you continue with this diet for a long time, after cutting through the fat cells, the diet might even eat up your muscles. Think about it, do you want to lose your muscle? Moreover, after the diet is over, our body will begin craving all of the food that it missed out on. Meaning that after the diet is over, there is a chance of gaining back those pounds and even more, very quickly. With liquid diets, our body doesn’t get all the necessary nutrients that it requires, even though we might experience weight loss.

You Lose Water Weight

Liquid diets actually help in losing weight in a very short time. The reason is that you cut down all those calories by going on liquid diets and also you lose your water weight, so that brings down the total weight automatically. When the body does not get the food, in order to get the energy it burns down on stored food it can feel weaker. Once it burns through the glycogen, the water is then shed. That takes out about 5 to 10 lbs of water weight and makes us happy instantly. But the truth is the water weight will come back soon again. You can, of course, replace your meals or snacks with some healthy beverages at times.

Detoxification Is Probably A Myth

One of the main reasons people switch over to liquid diets is because of their cleansing effect. However, nutritionists say that our body does a great job of detoxifying itself without any help of a special diet, so that’s some great news. On the other hand, when going for liquid diets, our body misses out on critical components like fiber, which can make our body constipated. That means, our body can’t get rid of the toxic stuff that it should. That shows that instead of aiding in detoxification, liquid diet actually does the opposite. Hence, it is safe to say that cleansing our body through a liquid diet is more of a myth.

Nutritionists and doctors are actually worried about the diet mentality that has been rampant in the recent few years. Going on this diet for a very long time might be terrible for the body and the mind too. Our body won’t get the necessary energy and being hungry all the time will mess up our mind too. It can lead to a serious eating disorder and that might complicate things even more. Instead, having real food full of nutrients, in moderate portions and by cutting down on processed stuff, once can lose a great amount of weight. You can, of course, go without food occasionally and stay on healthy liquids. But don’t make it a habit. Just make sure you are getting all the calories that you need to stay fit.