Can Vicks VapoRub Help Hair Growth? These Women Can Tell You


My first reaction when I heard about black women applying Vicks, a hair supplement which is thick and contains pore clogging petrolatum to their scalps and hairline I believed there was no way it could ever work.  Black women have been known to experiment with different hair growth supplement in order to make their hair grow lighter and longer, therefore my skepticism towards this particular process.

The beauty world has seen its fair share of lame beauty trends and home remedies, from squiggle eyebrows to mayonnaise hair masks. This shows that we’re willing to give almost anything a try as long as it promises to make us look better. So when I discovered a new beauty regimen of Black women applying Vicks VapoRub on their hair, I was definitely intrigued.

However, after some research, I realized that there might be some scientific facts and reasons why it works. Eucalyptus, menthol, and lavender contained in Vicks VapoRub are ingredients known for making the hair grow.

My research took me to YouTube and my search for “natural hair Vicks VapoRub” produced over 30k results. The first video showing Vick’s astonishing hair growth properties was posted back in March 2016 by someone from Atlanta with the YouTube name Jocq.

In another video titled “Awesome Tips & Tricks on How To Use Vicks Vapor Rub Part II,” which was a sequel to her first post,  Jocq explains several unexpected uses for Vicks, including hair strengthening and growth.

Some viewers say they use it on their scalp and massage it around the scalp, and they claim that Vicks VapoRub increases their hair growth.

Taking into study, the mineral components and background of each hair growth stimulating ingredient contain on the product:

Eucalyptus — is a very vital oil that contains minerals which stimulate hair follicles and prevents dandruff and an itchy scalp. It strengthens and improves the elasticity of hair, and controls an oily scalp.

Lavender — an essential oil that also improves circulation and is very effective in the treatment of hair loss (especially alopecia).

Menthol — clears the pores of sorts and irritants so that hair can grow easily. Menthol can be found in lots of shampoo conditioners.

Camphor — is an important oil that is cooling, refreshing, and improves circulation when applied topically.

With the combination of all these powerful and wonderful, hair growing ingredients it is no wonder Vicks is being used for more than it’s primary job of suppressing coughs. Women are not only applying the ointment to their scalps, but they are also applying it to their eyebrows as well.

Another interesting thing is the manner in which Black women with different hair type and textures, including both relaxed and natural, are giving a lot of positive feedback on Vicks.

Blogger MakeupMesha stated that Vicks worked perfectly on her hair that she actually had to slow down using it. Although she isn’t sure how much her hair grew in the 4 weeks that she used the product, she gives visuals details on the new growth she experiences. Other users also claimed that using Vicks had brought about at least a one-inch hair growth weekly.

The average time reported by the users of Vicks before significant hair growth can be seen, is around 30-60 days. Patience and consistency are necessary if the user must get the desired results.

However, the petroleum in Vicks has made some women stay off the product. The petroleum in Vicks could be irritating to the hair of some women, but generally, most women don’t have problems using products that contain petroleum in their heads.

It is not necessary you use the specific brand name, Vicks VapoRub. Any generic chest rub will be just fine because they all contain the same active ingredients.

Now that the logic behind the funny application of a chest rub on the head could be said to have been logically explained, however, caution must still be taken when applied, as dermatologist are yet to give their position on the health implications of applying Vicks on the human scalp. Hence, as always whenever you engage in experimenting with any new product, lots of caution should be exercised. The scalp is very delicate, and it can’t tolerate very harsh products so safety should always be the most important thing.

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