Watch Out: Are You Eating These Cancer-Causing Foods?


People in the past tend to live longer because of their lifestyle. But we all know that a lot of people die because of certain illnesses that have no cure, like cancer.

People say that we are what we eat, maybe that is true since all this illness did not just come out of nowhere. In this modern world, consume food that is sometimes not even made with real ingredients, but chemicals instead. So it is always our bodies that are the ones suffering.

People in the past tend to live longer because of their lifestyle. They say that cancer can actually be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle, so here are the foods that you didn’t know can cause cancer.

Genetically Modified Food

GM Foods or Genetically Modified Foods are food made from various organisms that changed with the help of genetic engineering. Because of the modern technology, it is easier to make foods that are GMO. In fact, it is kind of difficult to tell if a certain food product has been genetically modified that is why scientists and doctors all over the world are having a debate over this matter since it has many harmful effects.

In the United States, GMOs are not labeled so you wouldn’t really know which ones are organic and which ones are not. This is not the case in Europe where it there is a clear law for GMOs to be properly labeled. There is no evidence if genetically modified foods can actually cause or trigger cancer but according to specialists, it is best to have organic food for overall good health.


Everyone knows that drinking soda is never good for the health, and yet still millions and millions of people drink it about 4-5 times a week.









That is because soda is an empty source of calories, leading to weight gain and obesity. It can also cause diabetes which is one of the most common illnesses in the world today. It is not just sodas, but also any other drink that uses artificial sweeteners.

So if you love drinking these type of drinks that has a lot of sugar on them, then you can be at risk of developing cancer in the gallbladder.


A lot of people think that fish is probably the safest food to eat since it is healthy, especially salmon. However, little did many people know that a certain salmon is dangerous to your health. According to research, there is about 60 percent of salmon in the United States that are farm-raised and these type of salmons have lesser omega-3.
Farmed salmon may contain mercury and other cancer-causing dioxins because they are not really naturally bred. So it is best to be cautious of whatever you eat and check food labels if necessary.


IMG_5818Meat can be pretty harmless, or so people thought. Unfortunately, there is an evidence that red meat can cause cancer if consumed every single day. According to a study that has been done for over 10 years, consuming any type of red meat every day can increase the chances of getting cancer by 15-20 percent. It has also been found that eating red meat increases the chances of having breast, prostate and colon cancer.

Red meat is not bad if it is NOT consumed daily. It is true that everything should be in moderation. There is nothing wrong with being cautious about what you’re eating especially if you want to maintain a healthy body and live longer.

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