Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But Are Surprisingly Still Alive And Kicking – Find Out What They’re Up To Now


Lee Meriwether – 83

We’re pretty sure you remember Lee Meriwether from several different roles. While most people recognize her from her star role in Barnaby Jones, Meriwether also starred as the Catwoman in the 1966 Batman film and she also acted in All My Children until 2011 when she was 76 years old! Her appearance in Barnaby Jones earned her nominations twice for the Golden Globes and once for an Emmy. But unfortunately, she didn’t win either of these. She once again played the role of Catwoman in the 2018 series, Rise Of the Catwoman. Meriwether’s anti-aging products must be amazing, as she looks stunning for her age.

Sally Field – 72

Sally Field rose to fame back in the mid-1960s when she bagged the lead role in Gidget. She later continued reaping success after she starred in other shows like The Girl with Something Extra and The Flying Nun. She also made it big on the big screen, thanks to her award-winning performances in Places in the Heart and Norma Rae. She hasn’t mentioned yet when she plans to enter retirement and rely on her $55-million fortune, but she does have upcoming acting projects.

Bob Barker – 95

Robert William Barker, or as he is popularly known, Bob Barker, was a radio jockey much before he became a TV show host. After his tremendous success over the radio, Barker was roped into the then-popular game show on TV, Truth or Consequences. He ran the show successfully for more than 15 years before finally settling into his most famous act ever – the host of The Price is Right. He announced his retirement from the insanely popular show after entertaining audiences for more than 30 long years, but he hasn’t stopped making appearances with the new host every now and then. Though old and grey, he seems to be defying baldness quite well.

Dick Van Dyke – 93

Dick Van Dyke – the man’s life has been as poetic as his name. Julie Andrews might have won the Oscar for Mary Poppins (1964), but Van Dyke wasn’t far behind. His believable portrayal of Mary’s best friend complimented her role in the first place. In that era, musical films were all the rage, and Van Dyke, being the protagonist in many of those, was always at the center of attention. He might have mocked British accent time and again, but the UK folks were not one to complain, joining in the laughter at every performance. His life as an old man was fraught with quite a few perils unforeseen. Did you know that he could have died about five years ago had he not been rescued out of a car accident? A few bruises in place of a gruesome death is definitely a fair trade.