Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But Are Surprisingly Still Alive And Kicking – Find Out What They’re Up To Now


Sophia Loren – 84

Sophia Loren is one of the most notable names in Hollywood and a true icon among the movie stars. The actress started her career during the ’50s, quickly landing roles in many blockbusters and earning a status of an ultimate feminine symbol. As her career progressed and many great parts came her way, Loren earned herself a net worth of $75 million. Today, Sophia Loren is 83 years old and has apparently sustained her glow, as she looks as good as ever.

Betty White – 96

Betty White has had the longest TV career among all female actresses. And that is saying something since she started her acting profession in 1939, and hasn’t taken a single substantial break since then. Her entire life can be defined by one word – entertainment. She was born to entertain her audience, and she might just keep entertaining till her final breath. What else could you expect out of a ninety-plus lady who still makes plans to wow her fans in TV series and movies! At the moment, we can only hope that her cardiologist succeeds in making her live long enough for our kids to witness her miraculous performance on TV. With a $45-million net worth, she has the world under her feet, with a humility to beat.

Loretta Swit – 80

American actress Loretta Swit, best known for her portrayal of Major Margaret Houlihan on the mega-popular TV series M*A*S*H, has had an amazing career since 1967. She was one of the rare actors who stayed on the show for all 11 seasons. Today, the actress is in her 80s, and although many rumors appeared that Swit underwent cosmetic surgery to keep her youthful glow, she’s never confirmed those statements. Nevertheless, we can all agree that she looks stunning for her age! 

Tippi Hedren – 88

Tippi Hedren had the typical career that every woman in the ’50s and the ’60s dreamed of. Hedren became an accomplished fashion model who got featured in various prestigious magazines of the era, like LIFE. It was then that Alfred Hitchcock pulled her out of the fashion industry and introduced her to the bustling world of movies. With The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), Hedren established herself as an outstanding actress. Going on to act in countless movies and TV shows, her fame knew no bounds. Her contributions to the health and welfare of animals are known far and wide. However, did you know that she recently sued her own lawyer for malpractice? That’s one lady who’s not afraid to fight!