Celebrities are always followed by the media everywhere they go. Most of the time, the media also love capturing these stars with their kids. Their children turn into instant celebrities themselves because the press just loves tracking down their lives, too. A lot of celeb kids grow up to become like their parents while some choose different paths. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrity kids and see how they’re doing now that they’re all grown up.

Paula Carlene Nelson – Singer and DJ

Paula Nelson is the daughter of the famous country musician Willie Nelson and she has built a rich and prosperous singing career as well. She had few setbacks in her life but Nelson later on returned to creating great music. Fans are hoping for an even better career in future for her.

Francesca Eastwood – New Name in the Hollywood Industry

Francesca Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s and Frances Fisher’s daughter. She is starting to earn a lot of money in her bank account because she has been doing a lot of work on-screen. She’s known for the roles she had in True CrimeJersey Boys, and Mrs. Eastwood & Company.