51 Jaw Dropping Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts : Their Boat Insurance Costs Are Insane!


While an expensive sports car might look like the absolute show of wealth and style for most people, the rich and powerful are on another level. They have the money to take to the seas and skies in private jets and yachts, enjoying a lifestyle normal people can only dream about. Flying or floating, these opulent status symbols are also very practical for people for whom time is money and a timely business meeting or a successful party can make or break their fortunes – and any financial adviser would say the same. Let’s take a look at the yachts and jets of the world’s elite!

Matthew McConaughey – Bombardier Global 7000, Estimated $72.8 Million

The Texas-born actor has been a leading man in the Hollywood industry since he starred in some critically-acclaimed dramas before he topped the box office in several romantic comedies. The Oscar-winning actor didn’t need a bank loan to purchase a brand new private jet – a Bombardier Global 7000 for an astonishing $72.8 million! His private jet is the longest as well as the largest business jet ever made that features a master suite, kitchen, and much more.