51 Jaw Dropping Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts: Try Not To Gasp!


They have the money to take to the seas and skies in private jets and yachts, enjoying a lifestyle normal people can only dream about.
Let’s take a look at the yachts and jets of the world’s elite!

Jerry Seinfeld – Gulfstream V, Estimated $22 million

Jerry Seinfeld is famous for portraying a semi-fictional version of himself in the iconic American sitcom, Seinfeld. The comedian, actor, producer, and director developed an interest in stand-up comedy after brief stints in college productions. He has been in the comedy business since 1976, always making us laugh. Jerry doesn’t need a bank loan when it comes to purchasing some luxurious stuff like his private jet, Gulfstream, which is estimated around  $22 million.