Celebs Who Kept Their Pregnancies Secret


When you’re a celebrity in the limelight, sometimes, you just want to keep personal information – well – personal! It is quite common for high-profile people to keep their pregnancies off the radar- sometimes for as long as possible, even until the birth of the baby. Having your private life publicized can’t be fun, so here we take a look at some celebs who chose to keep their pregnancies a secret from the public eye – or ears. Read on- you might be surprised by who’s managed to keep their secrets pretty well!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling

Actress Eva Mendez and her actor-partner, Ryan Gosling, are notorious for their preference of keeping their private lives low-key. So it should come as no surprise that Eva has had two children with Ryan – both pregnancies kept hidden as well as she could. For her first child, she got away with it until she was seven months along the way, but she really set a record with her second pregnancy – only leaking out the information just two weeks before delivery!