Chefs Give Tips On Which Dishes You Should Do Without This Thanksgiving


When the chilly breeze of air and beautiful colors on the trees start to change, it is definitely a sign of fall. In the United States, people simply love it, not just because of the Halloween but because they get to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is basically a public holiday celebrated every single year in the entire United States during the fourth Thursday of November. It is celebrated in different countries as well such as Canada and Germany but on different dates. Thanksgiving actually started out as a harvest festival from the 1700s where George Washington proclaimed it to be a national holiday. But it was Abraham Lincoln who actually made it as the day of “Thanksgivng and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwellers in the Heavens”, so technically, for hundreds of years now, Thanksgiving has been a part of America’s celebration during fall and winter aside from Christmas and New Year.

Thanksgiving is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November


When you think of Thanksgiving, you would immediately think of your family and relatives coming together, having a good time with good food, and it is that time of the year again where you will either going to a family’s house who’s hosting or you will be the one who’s hosting it. Which is why it is also that time of the year again when you will be thinking of what kind of foods you need to prepare. Some of the most common Thanksgiving dishes are stuffed Turkey, warm biscuits, rich gravy, and the all-time favorite creamy mashed potatoes, then again people still want to impress their guests by adding twists to these dishes or just by making something unusual, then again, there are things that are just not suitable for Thanksgiving, which is why some of these amazing chefs are willing to share their secrets on what are the things that you should and should not serve on Thanksgiving.


According to Chef Frank Perko, the executive chef at Parxgrill and Parx Casino, the best way to make sure that you have the best turkey dish this Thanksgiving is by putting a lot of time preparing it. That means you must allot about 4-6 hours to actually brine the turkey, and this would make it perfectly moist and succulent. Chef Eric Yost of Suburban Restaurant and Beer Garden, also said that brining the turkey is the best way to go, especially if it is a fresh and local one. To reduce the chances of over cooking it, make sure to let it rest for about 20 minutes so that all of the juices will return to the meat.

Turkey is always the star of every Thanksgiving dinner

Even Chef Richard Sandoval of Aqimero believes that it is always best to make sure to start the turkey 5 hours before you need it but you may need to spend more hours if it’s bigger than the usual size. Letting the turkey rest while covered in foil will actually make it stay warm for like an hour. Chef Sandoval also believes that stuffing the turkey with herbs and spices such as onions, garlic, herbs and citrus will make the turkey better instead of stuffing it food that you will actually eat. The chances are if you actually eat the stuffing, it will just all be a soggy mess since it wouldn’t get cooked through all the way.


As a guest, there is always an etiquette that everyone must follow. It’s not exactly required but it’s like a code for being a great guest and you would be invited again or they would do the same if you host the party. First is that it is always best to bring something even if the host didn’t ask you to, such as desserts and wine. Some people also bring arranged flowers.

It is always nice to offer to help the host but it is not nice to just start doing things. When eating, it is also ideal to wait where you should be seated. Some people make seating plans so don’t just grab a table yourself. If you have any food allergies it is good to let the host know once they invite you. One of the most common mistakes is bringing an uninvited plus one, make sure to tell the host if you are planning to so that they could make room for one at the table.

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