Christmas Decorations Make People Happier, Study Says


Almost everyone loves Christmas, is is technically one of the most celebrated holiday in the entire world, which basically means that despite different cultures, each nation manages to celebrate this particular holiday their very own way. Christmas spirit comes right in as soon as people are starting to buy and set up their Christmas trees and decorate their houses with Christmas decorations and lights. Some people think that there are some who are starting decorate way too early but turns out that it actually makes people happy.


Founder of MindFixers and owner of McKeown Clinic, Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown said that people who are putting up decorations early and keeping them longer are happier than those who do it late and he told Unilad that this is basically the psychological reasoning behind it. The excitement that Christmas decorations and even Christmas carols bring is definitely adding to people’s anxiousness in a really positive way that leads to their happiness. He also said that even if there actually might be a number of symptomatic reasons as to why people would obsessively put up their Christmas decorations such as the tree and the lights early, it may still be because of the nostalgia that this holiday brings, especially if they are happy memories. Some even aim to have a better Christmas this year compared to before which is why they are indeed very excited.

McKeown Clinic’s psychoanalyst also said that Christmas somehow makes people seem to forget that they’re stressed and decorating somehow make them feel happy, some even feel like being a child again since they are getting so excited for Christmas to comes. McKeown also mentioned that these Christmas decorations are only pathways to all of those childhood memories that excites everyone.


When November comes, especially after Halloween, stores would then start to bring out their old and new collection of Christmas decorations and this would definitely encourage a lot of people to start decorating because of the nostalgia that makes them reconnect to the good Christmas memories that they always had and will continue to have because as the time goes by, people just make more memories. This is also what psychotherapist Amy Morin said in an interview with Unilad.

There may be some points wherein the nostalgic feeling may be bittersweet especially of a friend or a loved one is no longer around. The holidays give them a chance to look back into the happy memories that they have with that someone that they lost and decorating may actually help them feel better and make them feel connected to those memories with that love.

Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, who is a happiness expert believes that these decorations are only a stepping stone for people. Nostalgia is indeed the reason but it actually pushes them to make new happy memories as well as traditions such as going away, seeing a movie as a family, and all that stuff. That is what people are usually excited about.


If for some people, decorating for the holiday season can bring joy and excitement to a lot of people, the case is different with Christmas carols. This is all according to Dr. Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist because she said that Christmas songs may be draining for some, especially those who work are the grocery store and shopping centers. Blair also said that because there are only a few Christmas carols out there, people in the store may actually get sick of hearing it multiple times a day. Dr. Victoria Williamson, who is a psychology researcher even referred to it as themere exposure effectwherein the psychological reaction that people get actually makes them feel like it is making them lose their minds.

Trump Administration First Family’s Official Christmas Ornament


Holiday decorations in the White House have been put up just a few days before November ends, so technically, the president and his family are indeed looking forward to the holiday season as well. In fact, they actually revealed the “First Family’s Official Christmas Ornament”. It is found hanging on their Christmas tree located in the East Garden Room. According to the First Lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, all the ornaments will actually be given as gifts and that none of them will be sold. This is totally something different since usually the First Family Christmas Ornaments are sold and the proceeds go to the White House Historical Association.

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