What Is A Clear Liquid Diet?


Health professionals usually recommend that patients who are about to undergo operations should take clear liquid diets because they are easy to digest in the body system. Clear liquid diet is also effective in correcting gastrointestinal distress. It can be used during fasting and body detoxification. What then is this clear liquid diet and what are the merits and demerits as it concerns our health?

What is a clear liquid diet?

In simple terms, clear liquid diet digests easily in the body. After consumption, these diet evaporates into the digestive system, and in case a patient is about to go to the theatre, surgeons will find it easy to operate on him or her.

The functions of clear liquids include hydration, electrolytes, giving out calories and body nurturing. However, these diets are only meant for temporary use with the help of a qualified doctor. The good thing about them is that they don’t have side-effects. Vegetable sauce is a good example of clear liquid diet.

Importantly, people need to understand that there are different reasons for the recommendations of clear liquid diets by doctors which are usually determined by the nature of a patient’s sickness. Below is a breakdown of sources of clear liquids and things to know about each one. They are divided into acceptable and unacceptable clear liquid diets.

Sources Of Clear Liquids That Are Medically Acceptable

  1. Plain juice drinks that don’t contain shaft.
  1. Crystal popsicles without pureed lumps or fruits.
  1. Ginger pop, electrolyte beverages, and seltzer.
  1. Products from gelatin like tea that are devoid of cream or milk.
  1. Water
  1. Crunchy candy
  1. Plain broths

Unacceptable Clear Liquids 

  1. Carbonated or fizzy drinks.
  1. Liquor.
  1. greens and true fruit broth.
  1. Dairy food.

Colored juices that have purple and red colors are advisable to be discarded because of the stains they usually paint on the intestinal tracts which can be mistaken for blood. In this case, intestinal tracts will be difficult to be examined by doctors when the need arises, or the results obtained may not be authentic.

When taking clear liquid diet, solid meals, vegetables and fruits should not be added to it.

Uses Of Clear Liquid Diets

The most common reasons for prescription of clear liquid diets are;

  • Getting ready to go under a surgery, either a very serious one or simple one.

Clear liquid diet is the best meal to consume before going under the knife or when the surgery is over. Clear liquid diet digests fast and evaporates from the digestive system without leaving any hint. Through this process, diagnosis on the patient will be simpler.

  • Colonoscopy

This is a process of carrying out a thorough check on the bowels of a patient. Clear liquid diet is preferably taken before this process called colonoscopy. Other factors include recommended prolonged intake of a clear liquid diet for many days after an intestinal surgery.

Most times, patients may also need to avoid eating anything few hours before surgery.

  • When a patient is healing from surgery or test

There are times when the body loses the strength to ingest or digest food after going through serious medical operations that are intense. Then a clear liquid diet would be introduced, and this will boost the body, enabling it to recuperate, cutting down the possibility of vomiting gradually.

An example is a bariatric surgery. After this surgery, the best meal which doctors usually prescribe for eating is clear liquids, without any additions. As time goes on, when the body has properly readjusted, other diets can then come in. However, no patient must take this decision without the supervision of his or her physician.

  • Guiding against gastrointestinal distress

Health crisis such as diarrhea, nausea feeling, and vomiting can be taken care of by clear liquid diet. Clear liquid is very effective in limiting the sharpness of viruses that might enter the stomach. Lack of sufficient fluids in the body can also be treated when diets become clear liquid diet.

People on drugs due to one sickness or another can also adopt the clear liquid meals.

For the chemotherapy patients who usually suffer severe nausea, clear diet is good for them. Doctors prefer administering this special diet to them few days after the operation to heal the nausea sickness.

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