These Are The Most Common Holiday Habits You Need To Stop Doing Now


Every year around the world, the holidays are being celebrated. It is considered to be the busiest time of the year, because almost everyone goes Christmas shopping, prepares their houses for Christmas and the New Year gatherings and parties, which is why it is also considered to be the most stressful time of the year.


The holiday season, people’s stress level could easily go up. In fact, according to Hi-Health, about 67 percent of Americans actually stress about having not enough time to prepare for the holidays and 62 percent actually worried about not being able to have enough money. That alone could definitely affect someone’s health. That would mean that 8 out of 10 Americans actually get extremely stressed during the holiday season. Experts from Mayo Clinic believes that stress itself actually doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t give people any sort of pain, and yet it seems to be better to cut yourself accidentally than to get stressed. According to experts, the people’s reaction to stress is what makes it all bad for the health, whether it is long-term or temporary.

Life itself could get very stressful already, what more if you add family gatherings, picking out and buying gifts, obligations at work, and to top of all that, thinking of how much money would you exactly need for the holidays. The researchers from the University of New Mexico believes that there are actually three physical stages people go through when they’re stressing over the holidays. First is the Alarm Stage, wherein people would often feel that their heart rate would be increasing as well as their blood pressure that could cause their immune system to drop. This is because of all the hormones that that body is preparing because of the anxiety over the holidays. The next one would be the resistance stage, wherein the stress that is already present increases and some may feel that they are no longer stressed out but this stage just takes longer which could even stress out people more since their heart rates would increase and they would also feel tired. Last but definitely not the least is the final stage which is the stress exhaustion, this is where the person is extremely stressed out that the body wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore and the person would then get the side effects such as weight gain, hypertension and other immune disorders.

Almost everyone gets stressed out during the holidays, but not everyone is aware of the added stress they are in. However, if you recognize the symptoms such as having a hard time sleeping, irritability, tension headaches and other physical discomforts, then you might be able to manage it. Then again, most people get so stressed out because they repeat the most common bad habits every single year, here are some of them.


• Going Over Budget

One of the most common bad habit that people usually do during the holidays is overspending. Which is why they would often stress out when their credit card bill comes the next month. A lot of people tend to set a budget especially if they are spending money on gifts for their friends and families, but that is not when overspending happens. According to experts, one of the most common mentality people have during the holidays is to be able to spoil themselves. That thought working so hard all year round will definitely cross their mind and they would just splurge on what they want since they deserve it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but buying things that would lead you to go broke is not so wise.

• Family Christmas Party Pressure

Another common holiday habit is going to or hosting holiday parties. If you are hosting your family gathering, the pressure will be on you. Most people want to impress their guests by cooking the most complicated menu even if they are not exactly used to it, in the end, they would be all over the place and would spend the entire time slaving in the kitchen instead of having fun and spending quality time with family and friends. It is best to choose a simple menu that you have done before so that you would know the perfect allotted time you would need, this is all according to the Vice President of Stephen Starr Events, Morgan Bedore. It is also best to plan for leftovers instead of worrying if you got enough food in case a friend or a family member brings a plus one.

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