27 Famous Country Stars Muses & Wives – Reveal the Truth About Their Husbands and Marriages


Country music is an absolute fan favorite in America, while it’s gaining more and more fans around the world as well, despite many people regarding it as a “dead” music genre. In country music showbiz, we have seen some of the largest music power couples ever and considering that country is all about love and heartbreak, it would be impossible not to dig into that matter, which involves a lot of cheating and divorces, while also including some very happy families and loving couples. Get your cowboy boots on and take a trip with us to some wild country-western love stories.

Martina McBride & John McBride In 1988 & Today

Martina McBride met John McBride during one of her tours. Her husband was then just a sound engineer. The two of them ended falling in love and getting married in 1988. After all these years, no rumors of cheating have been heard, proving how much they love each other. The happy couple now has three daughters, and after their birth, McBride decided to limit her tours and performances to be close to them, even if that has had a huge financial impact on her career.

Hank Williams Jr. & Mary Jane Thomas In 1989 & Today

Renowned blues rocker Hank Williams Jr. had already married two times before eventually settling down with Mary Jane Thomas, who is a former model. The country couple started seeing each other in 1989, and just one year later, they tied the knot, beginning their new life together. They have two kids, while Williams has three more, including musician Hank Williams III, from previous marriages. They temporarily split in 2007, as Thomas struggled with substances, but they reconciled in 2011, though we don’t know if a couples treatment had been partly responsible.

Reba McEntire & Narvel Blackstock In 1991 & Today

Reba McEntire found love in the arms of Narvel Blackstock, her ex-steel guitar player, and manager of the band. They tied the knot in 1989, and they had one child together along with three children from Narvel’s previous relationship. Everything seemed perfect until 2015 when the couple announced their split after 26 years of marriage. Despite Narvel now dating real estate agent Laura Putty Stroud, they remain very close for the sake of their children, while they still manage their company Starstruck Entertainment together.