Is Ditching Fruit and Veg Good for You? The Pros and Cons of Carnivore Diet


Low-carb diets are all the rage nowadays with the popularity of Paleo, Atkins and keto soaring through the roof in the weight-loss industry.

But there’s new diet that has been gaining traction, and takes low-card to a whole new level. Lo and behold the all-meat diet which prohibits all fruits and vegetables while putting emphasis on animal products like meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

A carnivore diet prohibits all fruits and vegetables while putting emphasis on animal products like meat, fish, dairy and eggs

They call it the carnivore diet but nutritionists call is absolute madness. The diet focuses on the consumption of red meat in every single meal while eliminating the need plant-based foods completely. The diet has been gaining popularity on various social media platforms like Instagram, which has over 30,000 posts under the hashtag #carnivorediet.

There are a number of people who’re sharing stories with claims that an all-meat diet can actually solve health issues like high blood pressure and depression. Not only that, but skipping on meatless Mondays can also help you shed the excess weight.

Is Carnivore Effective?

According to the author of Genius Foods, Max Lugavere, the best diets in the world are the ones that include fruits and vegetables. It’s impossible to enjoy a healthy life on a carnivore diet because meat lacks a very important nutrient that helps in digestion and weight-loss: fiber.

Not to mention the lack of micronutrients and phytochemicals in animal products which are important for good health.

But the answer isn’t as simple as a yes or a no. Lugavere says that the diet can actually help in weight loss since it eliminates any products that contain gluten and other lectins. Gluten has been demonized in the health industry for being a culprit behind weight gain and autoimmune diseases because of its nature as a plant defense compound that activates your immune system and causes your body to attack its own tissues.

We live in a time where autoimmune diseases, allergies and other inflammatory conditions are widespread which makes the need to eliminate gluten from your diet all the more necessary.

Not all dietitians and nutritionist agree with Lugavere. Whitney English, a certified nutritionist from Lo Angeles, says that there is no concrete evidence that links the consumption of plant-based foods with autoimmune diseases. In fact there are many studies which show that a well-balanced diet, rich in whole foods, can actually be beneficial in treating autoimmune disorders.

A carnivore diet lacks a very important nutrient that helps in digestion and weight-loss: fiber

Is Carnivore Diet Safe?

Not only is an all-meat diet unhealthy, but it is downright dangerous, according to English. There is a large body of research showing the benefits of fruits and vegetables in reducing chronic illnesses. Plants are a rich source of phytochemicals which prevent oxidative damage in cells and boost immune functioning.

But this doesn’t stop experts like Lugavere being intrigued by the carnivore diet. Lugavere says that when it comes to nutrition, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. If someone already an atypical immune system, a diet in plant-based foods could confuse their system even more.

But it isn’t just Lugavere who is in the favor of carnivore diet. There are plenty of people who have tried this style of eating and felt a difference in their health. 26-year-old Mikhaila Peterson claims that a carnivorous lifestyle has cured her depression and other chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis.

Peterson has suffered from health issues ever since she was a child and she has finally found a solution in the form of a plant-free diet. The brains behind Don’t Eat That blog says that she has been off all her medications even since she ditched fruits and vegetables, and she has never felt better.

English says that Peterson’s story is merely anecdotal with no scientific evidence to back her claims. There are more success stories out there about curing cancer with plant-based whole foods than with a meat-free diet.