Doctors’ Warning Over ‘Text Neck’ On Kids and Young Adults


Living in a modern world has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is a fact that technology has indeed helped the human race in a lot of different ways over the past couple of years. One of the most common and the most widely used form of technology that has been invented are mobile phones. 

These pocket-sized phones are basically meant for people to be able to call and text one another, wherever they may be. Then again, things evolve and so does mobile phones. Now, we have what you call smartphone, which is known to not just send messages or make calls, it is now also involved in the social media world, where in the latest news and trends are always in, and by having social media accounts, you can always share your thoughts and feelings. For some, this is so far one of the best inventions ever made, but then again, what does this really do to the human body?

An infographic of smartphone usage that causes text neck

Since smartphones and social media basically make the world go round for a lot of people, especially millennials, more and more people are actually suffering from different types of illnesses. Just like how children and teenagers’ eyesight nowadays are simply getting worse because of spending too much time staring at their phone screens and also having trouble with their thumbs because of typing with it too much. Now, spine surgeons are worried about the increasing number of young adults who are having problems with their necks like disk hernias and other alignment problems. Keep reading to find out how excessive smartphone usage could actually affect the body.


A lot of people, especially the millennials, would often check their smartphones right when they wake up and also before they go to bed. So add in a couple of hours of texting and browsing while looking down on the phone. No wonder the neck and upper back would suffer.

Dr. Kevin Khalsa, an orthopedic spine social once said that because of too much looking down, it often leads to poor posture wherein the neck and the spine would be out of alignment that strains a small portion of the anatomy. “They come in complaining of neck pain, and when I ask them how much time do you spend on the computer or how much time do you spend texting, they usually give you a smile, and a smile means, yes, I spend a lot of time texting.” Dr. Khalsa stated.


Text Necks could, of course, be prevented, people are the ones who are causing themselves the pain in the first place because they tend to abuse their bodies. According to Dr. Steven Lee from the University of California, the best ways to actually prevent yourself from suffering from text neck is to have self-discipline. Discipline over the fact that you must practice and maintain good posture, discipline when it comes to not spending too much time on your phone. And of course, you must have proper exercise and do proper stretches to keep the neck from straining.


According to experts from the rehabilitation science research from the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, electronic devices must be held at eye level in order to prevent the head from bending forward as well as to keep the neck and its muscle joints to strain. “Good posture is not only good for the health of your spine if is also good for the overall health and mood,” the researcher said. It is also advised not to use these electronic devices for too long.

Chiropractor, Eugene Yang, also said that “your neck is like a pin and your head is a ball, so if the neck is flexed forward, it’s like trying to balance a bowling ball on a pin.”  Because of this, the spine has a hard time to keep everything aligned.

Since young adults are the most common people who are getting affected by text neck, parents are highly encouraged to make sure that their offspring are well taken care of. Limit their phone usage so that their backs and necks would have time to rest, as well as their eyes. Children and young adults are not exactly supposed to have back and neck issues yet, that is why it must be prevented as soon as possible. If you are worried about your child, it is best to get an x-ray and have them checked, the earlier it is diagnosed the earlier it could be treated. Technology is indeed great, but it is always best to let humanity take control of technology and not the other way round.

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