Eight Shocking Secrets of People Who Are Naturally Slim


You probably have that one skinny friend who opens up a bar of chocolate and says that she’ll only have one tiny piece of it – and then she goes ahead and does just that. Could she be joking? Researchers say that most naturally-slim women don’t think of food the same way as the rest of us do.

David L. Katz, a public health professor at Yale University, says that skinny people tend to have a healthier relationship with food in comparison to their supersized counterparts who are constantly preoccupied by the thought of eating. Let’s explore the peculiar minds of the naturally slim and find out their secrets for maintaining a smaller waistline.

One of the main characteristics naturally-slim people have is their great relationship with food

Slim People Watch Their Portions

People who are naturally thin tend to keep an eye on their portions and make sure they don’t overeat. This doesn’t mean that they obsessively measure every single calorie or gram but they are better at controlling portions and making healthier food choices than those who are overweight. Some even practice portion limiting strategies such as buying only smaller quantities of foods instead of the economy sizes and making sure that their pantry is filled with healthier snack options.

Slim People Prioritize themselves

Anne Fletcher has been working as a dietitian in an obesity clinic for five years, and her experience has led her to believe that women who are overweight don’t make time to look after themselves. These women prioritize their jobs, homes and families over themselves which can indirectly lead to poor food and lifestyle choices.

According to Fletcher, slim people tend to make time to eat healthier and exercise which doesn’t only affect their physical appearance but also reduces their stress levels

Slim People Have the Right Genes

Genetics play a big role in your metabolism, your tendency to distribute fat around the body and the overall weight. Even though some people are blessed with great genes which gives them the thigh gap that every woman desires, the way you look at the end of the day will be the result of your environment.

People who have practiced a good diet and active lifestyle from an early age will tend to be less overweight when they grow up, even if they don’t have the skinny genes.

Slim People Don’t Skip Their Meals

Evidence from studies show that people who skip meals or wait till they are absolutely ravenous to eat, they will consume more calories and make poor food choices

What’s the first thing that runs through your mind when you see a skinny friend? ‘Gosh, they probably don’t eat much in order to look like that!” Although it’s true that people who are naturally slim are better at controlling their appetite, that doesn’t mean that they skip meals or delay eating till their stomach is rumbling with hunger.

Slim People Keep Their Options Limited

Food psychologists say that people tend to overeat when they are presented with different varieties of food. This is due to a phenomenon called “sensory-specific satiety” which makes us hungry for different tastes, textures and aromas of food even if we’re feeling generally full.

This is one of the reasons why you tend to salivate upon seeing dessert even though you feel pretty satiated from the main course. Limiting your food options during mealtime can help you control portions and limit the number of calories you eat.

Slim People Like to Move

A research showed that people who are obese or overweight tend to be less active than their slim counterparts. The skinny participants got at least two hours of extra activity from standing or walking in comparison to the overweight people which helped them burn more than 350 calories without counting exercise.

Slim People Keep an Eye on Their Weight

People find it easier to maintain their weight if they set a limit for themselves and weigh themselves regularly to ensure that they don’t go over their limit

This doesn’t mean that you need to be to obsessive about your weight and step on the scale every day to agonize down to each pound, but checking twice a week to see that you’re on the right track can help you take proactive measures to maintain the weight.

Slim People Always Eat Their Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why people who are slim never skip it. Many studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to be overweight because they delay mealtime until they’re extremely hungry and risk overeating.