Experts Share Findings On Phone Separation Anxiety and Cancer


In this world we are currently in, mobile phones have got to be the most widely used tool in almost everyone’s everyday lives, especially teenagers and young adults. It is the very first thing that people would often look for or check when they wake up in the morning, it is also the very last thing that they will use before they drift to sleep. What is it that mobile phones have that makes people so into it?


Almost everybody gets that feeling of anxiousness and slight fear whenever you leave your phone at home, or you can’t feel it in your pocket, you cannot find it in your bag. It is like losing a connection to the world. This is known asNomophobiaor simply refer to as no-mobile phobia. This commonly affects teenagers but also adults. Researchers in Hong Kong recently did a study regarding homophobia affecting almost everyone. They found out that people who actually use their phones to share, store, and as well as access personal memories, are the ones who suffer the most. When people were asked what they actually feel like about not having their phones, the most common words are lonely as well as sad.


• Lack of Sleep

A lot of people have their mobile devices on their hands right before they go to bed or even if they are already in bed ready to fall asleep. There are even people who fall asleep while still using their phones. That is why using mobile phones right before going to sleep could lead to a lower quality of sleep as well as staying up too late. According to experts, the sleep hormone is known as melatonin typically gets released at around 9 pm, therefore, when you use your phone while in bed, its light could trick the brain into thinking it is still daytime, hence people are so awake and alert, especially with their minds so busy.

• Reduced Concentration

There is a study conducted regarding the science of destruction, the researchers found that every time an office worried is distracted by a text message or an email, it would take them about 25 minutes to actually focus on their original task at hand. That is why a lot of students suffer whenever they are either doing a project or homework or by simply studying for exams, they would also have their mobile devices with them and it could definitely distract them, it would then waste their time as well as their energy.

• Cancer Risks

Most people don’t really know about this but too much usage of mobile devices could actually cause cancer. Mobile devices emit radio-frequency energy, which is a form of non-ionizing radiation, this radio-frequency energy is also a form of electromagnetic radiation. The human body absorbs energy from devices such as cell phones and too much exposure to this radiation could increase the risk of cancer.

Researchers also found out that side mobile devices are commonly used near the head, it could cause malignant brain tumors like gliomas, it could also cause skin cancer as well as testicular cancer.


According to Dr. Kim Ki Joon, who is a part of the study conducted in Hong Kong, people normally experience anxiety whenever they are actually separated from their phones, especially for a long time. “The findings of our study suggest that users perceive smartphones as their extended selves and get attached to the devices.”

Professor Mark Griffiths from the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University said that people don’t necessarily use their mobile devices to connect with other people, instead, they use it to have information regarding other people’s lives as well as share their own. Professor Griffiths believe that the attachment theory where they develop an emotional dependency on mobile devices are the one causing nomophobia. One of the things that he believes could help people are only themselves, after all, they are the ones who are letting their lives revolve around these devices. If a person realizes that they could actually live their lives without their phone, then that is a great start.

It will be a little too late now to make people not get into their mobile phones since it is now something that they think they can’t live without. However, is it really impossible? Or can people still be persuaded in different manners? Smartphones are not exactly made for people to obsess over, then again, it is the people that are causing themselves harm.

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