Experts Warn Virtual Reality Gadgets Can Cause Safety And Health Risks


Advanced technology has definitely taken the world by storm. It is being used when it comes to finding ways to cure certain types of diseases, wearable technology that could detect and prevent heart attacks, robots that could think like humans and so much more. It is only the beginning of 2018 but surely there will be more inventions that will be revealed in the coming months. It may seem all cool and fascinating, but experts are actually warning people when it comes to the use of virtual reality headsets.


According to the Virtual Reality Society, its definition actually comes from the word virtual itself which is what is near as well as a reality which is what people experience in life. So when they are put together, it literally means a ‘near-experience’ that could possibly mean any particular kind of reality emulation. Experts also define virtual reality as a place where it entails the presence of the human senses using a computer-generated environment that can actually be explored. Virtual reality is also a term used to describe the three-dimensional environment that a person can be a part of or able to manipulate objects in a virtual environment.

Virtual Reality Society also explained how exactly does it work and how it is created. Computer technology is obviously the main tool for it wherein people can choose from headsets, special gloves and even Omni-directional treadmills which are all used to stimulate the senses in order for it to create an illusion that the person is actually a part of that three-dimensional world.


Experts warn the public when it comes to playing with virtual reality devices. There are so many dangers that it brings, one of them is the fact that major manufacturers always tell their customers, and that is to clear the playing field as well as to not actually play the virtual reality device on a crowded room. This is because the wearer will obviously be blind once they put it on. Their eyes will be focused on the particular world they are playing so they wouldn’t be able to see the real world they are still a part of. Which is why Facebook’s Oculus Rift actually includes an infographic that contains an online safety center wherein there is a video that would explain how to be safe while playing.


One of the worst effects of virtual reality is the fact that it basically messes up with the connection of the eyes and the brains. What the eyes usually does is that it basically focuses on an object the brain will identify. However, with virtual reality, it tends to confuse the brain because the eyes focus on different things, this is all according to Walter Greenleaf who is a behavioral neuroscientist who has been studying virtual reality when it comes to medical setting. Tricking the brain into seeing something that seems so far yet so close is known to be the vergence-accommodation conflict.


It is without a doubt one of the most in-demand gadgets of today especially with it comes to children, but virtual reality headsets don’t seem to be the safest gadget to play with. University of California’s Professor Martin Banks believes that using this types of devices can definitely affect the eyes and may cause myopia or most commonly known as nearsightedness on children.

In another research conducted by some experts from Leeds University, they have managed to discover that using virtual reality headsets could actually risk a person’s vision as well as their balance especially for children younger than 12 years old. They are not the very first ones to actually warn the public regarding the use of virtual reality since some of the biggest companies such as Facebook, with its Oculus Rift and Google’s Virtual Box have done their part as well especially with their plans to promote those devices. According to one of the professors from Leeds University, Mark Mon-Williams, a professor of cognitive psychology, the human visual system is very fragile so when a virtual reality device is used on a 2D screen, it would basically place a particular strain on the eyes. In fact, if adults use it very often, it could lead to a severe headache as well sore eyes. However, when it comes to children, long-term consequences may occur.