Extremely Unhealthy Foods That Everyone Loves


How can we exactly tell if food is unhealthy to eat? Basically, junk foods are called that because they don’t do or contain anything that would benefit the body, and most of these foods contain ingredients that are full of fat, salt, sugar, and every other unhealthy substance. However, no matter how unhealthy a certain food is, people tend to still have a go at it. Then again, it is not just the junk foods, because if you have too much of anything, it is then considered to be bad as well.

“People eat junk food, well, because it tastes good. We’re hooked on the pleasure of eating rich, sweet, and salty foods that look, smell, and taste divine and delight all of our senses. The food industry creates products with this in mind. We consume these products, which alter our metabolism and train our taste buds to desire them, and the food industry further fuels demand for them through alluring advertising. This is a brilliant marketing coup for corporations and an insidious exchange for us – the food companies get fat bottom lines and we just get fat bottoms.” – Laura Katieman-Prue, Nutritionist and Dietitian


For the people who loves drinking soda, well, maybe once you’ve read this, you would think twice about drinking it. For the benefit of the doubt, soda companies are actually the largest user of sugar all over the world, because a single soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar. So consuming soda more than three times a week could actually lead to weight gain and of course diabetes and other health problems. Sodas also contain phosphoric acid which actually interferes with the body when it absorbs calcium, so it could lead to bone softening, osteoporosis, and cavities. It is also really bad for the teeth because it helps build plaques. A lot of people love soda simply because it is an alternative to water and it tastes better than water.


Almost everyone knows that fast food is the unhealthiest place to get food, and yet people still love it. People always go to fast food chains because they offer fast food service, literally. There is no need for you to wait for 30 minutes to get a table and an hour to get your food. However, we all know that fast food chains don’t really use “real food”. They use ingredients that contain full of sodium, carbs, sugar, and fat, which is the reason for obesity.

There are videos circulating online on people experimenting with fast food items, like how they kept a burger for two years and it still looks the same, which is totally not safe to eat anymore. Then again, a lot of people still prefers fast foods literally because of how cheap and fast it is. It just so happens that it is extremely unhealthy, so if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from fast food.


Another junk food that people just couldn’t resist are the good old chips. Potato chips are actually originally cuts of potatoes, but in 1853, a customer complained to chef George Crum about the potatoes being so thickly cut, so the chef sliced his potatoes so thin that no one would ever complain about how thick it is.

However, chips nowadays are just full of sodium, carbs and sugar, because they’re no longer just plain old potatoes. They’re literally full of artificial ingredients and chemicals, that is why they’re totally unhealthy. It contains butylhydroxytoluene, or also known as BHT, which causes cancer.


Last but not the least is the unhealthiest of them all. The crunchy, extremely tasty, breakfast favorite, Bacon. Some people think it is literally just fats from meat, which is true but it actually undergoes curing process. The meat gets soaked into a solution containing salt, nitrates, sugar and other spices, and it gets smoked afterward. They do this to actually preserve the bacon. So this is technically a processed meat, which we all know, is really bad for the health.

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