Famous Celeb Kids All Grown Up – Bet They Are Set For Life Thanks To Their Financial Advisors!


Celebrities are always followed by the media everywhere they go. Most of the time, the media also love capturing these stars with their kids. Their children turn into instant celebrities themselves because the press just loves tracking down their lives, too. A lot of celeb kids grow up to become like their parents while some get involved with alcohol and substance abuse. Some even got arrested for drug possession or a DUI (driving under the influence). Let’s take a look at some of the celebrity kids and see how they’re doing now that they’re all grown up.

Dylan Frances Penn – See Her on Magazine Covers

Dylan Frances Penn is one of those celebrity kids who never really got herself involved with substance abuse. Just like her parents, Robin Wright and Sean Penn, she is also pursuing a career in the industry. She started out with modeling but is now beginning to enter the acting world.

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