Your Favorite Nut Could Be Your Key To Finally Losing Weight


You do not always see a nut get turned into one of the most popular ice cream flavors, but pistachio tastes just so good that they had to think of ways to get more of it for you. Pistachios are some of the oldest edible nuts and are already very common in many different parts of the world. These are native to Asia and are more prevalent in Iran and Iraq. Now, pistachios have become widely produced in many countries such as the United States, Turkey, China and much more.

While you might enjoy having this with a drink or while watching your favorite movie, pistachios are much healthier for you than they seem. Here are some reasons why you should have more of them:

They Are Good for Your Heart

When you consume moderate amounts of pistachio nuts regularly, you can have better heart health than when you do not. This is because these nuts are very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which can help you reduce high blood pressure. These nuts are also rich in phytosterols which can aid in reducing the absorption of dietary cholesterol from many different foods which do wonders in keeping the heart healthy.

Whether you just weight conscious or if you are watching your blood pressure, do not hesitate to have a handful once in a while. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, this might be what you just need.

It Can Help Prevent Macular Disease or AMD

Heap of dried pistachio

Pistachios have carotenoid antioxidants which include zeaxanthin or lutein. When working together, these are pretty effective in reducing the risk of contracting an age-associated macular disease which can develop amongst elderly people. Research from Tufts University in Boston recommends that these can be mixed along with vegetables for an even better supply of antioxidants.

You might enjoy these nuts once in a while with wine or while having chats with your family members, but you might not have guessed that this can help prevent a disease that can be fatal. With this health benefit, it looks like this can be a really good snack for the elderly.

Promotes a Healthy Digestive Tract

Pistachios are very high in dietary fiber. This can help strengthen the digestive system.

Pistachios are very high in dietary fiber. This can help strengthen the digestive system. Many different studies from many different institutes corroborate the fact that these nuts are very good for the bacteria in your gut. When your gut bacteria is healthy, you are able to digest food and process your nutrients more efficiently and you are at a lesser risk of developing diseases associated therewith such as colon cancer.

It Can Help Prevent and Manage Diabetes

 Diabetes has become a deadly epidemic all around the world and the way we eat can be blamed for the most part of it. In a world where sugars are practically everywhere, diabetes has become a disease which you have to work extra hard so that you can prevent it.

One of the more prominent health benefits of pistachios is that they work very effectively in controlling diabetes. For those who are already diabetic, the sugars in their bloodstream form unlikely bonds with proteins and make them unusable. This is known as glycation and this is also why diabetics can take some time to recover from an injury, no matter how simple it can be. Since pistachios are very rich in antioxidants, they can help prevent glycation and prevent or manage diabetes.

It Lets You Absorb Iron More Effectively

Women need to absorb more iron when it is that time of the month. Those who are anemic or have a considerably low blood pressure can also benefit from extra iron consumption. Fortunately, pistachios can give them these health benefits and more.

Pistachios have a considerably high copper content and this can help with the absorption of iron into the body from food. When you start feeling dizzy or when your blood pressure starts to drop, consider an extra serving of pistachios which might help you.

Whether it is for your heart or for preventing diseases, pistachios surely have all those health benefits which you might not have expected. Do you know any other health benefits of pistachios? How do you like having them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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