Four Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Never Try Fad Diets


We’re all guilty for having been sucked into a fad diet at some point in our lives, and who can blame us? These diets are cleverly marketed to target our desire to lose weight quickly and come with the same underlying promise: shed several inches off our waist in two weeks or less.

However, most of these popular diets are proven to be ineffective and can be downright dangerous for our health. If you’re ever tempted to try out a new fad diet you saw in a magazine or on the internet, here are a few dangers that you should keep in mind:

They Make You Feel Weak and Hungry

If your diet is constantly making you feel deprived and fatigued, your body is more likely to go in starvation mode and shut down a number of its essential processes in order to survive

What makes fad diets dangerous and unrealistic is their restriction on calories and meal portions. Although the concept of being in a calorie deficit is at the heart of every weight-loss program, most diets which promise quick weight loss depend on extremely low-calorie intake that can destroy metabolism and create havoc inside your body.

It is important to remember that the number on the scale alone isn’t a good indicator of health, and even though losing weight may reduce insulin resistance in your body, it comes at the expense of your metabolism, energy levels and reproductive health.

They can affect your metabolism and hormonal balance

Once the body recognizes a constant cut in calorie intake, it can send hormonal signals to combat a perceived starvation crisis which causes the body to build up its fatty stores as a defense mechanism to combat future starvation

Following fad diets that depend on calorie cuts can be dangerous since reducing your calorie intake severely can cause your body to send out signals to increase calorie consumption for nourishment purposes. But if these signals are ignored by an individual, the body can adapt to reduced calorie intake by slowing down the metabolism which would actually result in weight gain and decreases your body’s ability to utilize energy efficiently.

One commonality for all dieters is the stress associated with slipping up or cheating on your diet plans which can lead to feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety which can ultimately lead to eating disorders causing bulimia, anorexia or even binge eating.

Following diets that encourage under-eating will not only hamper your metabolism and hormonal balance but are also associated with other problems like depression, insomnia, sterility, sleep disorders, skin conditions and increased body fat.

They just might be utterly useless

Wouldn’t it be just so convenient if there was one diet that would not only fulfill our bodily and mental needs while also helping us stay fit, lean and healthy? It would be so convenient if one magic pill could be the answer to everyone’s prayers but the reality is that we are all different in one way or another.

Well, even if some of the diets mentioned in magazines and articles might have been scientifically proven to be effective, there are a lot of various factors to account for and one diet might be not be sufficient to fulfill everyone’s individual needs and it’s generally better to keep an open mind about nutrition.

Keeping up with a diet that is not only balanced but is geared towards our body and is mindful of our triggers, allergies and tolerance will not only result in us eating things that we love and prefer, but will also reduce the cliché that we have to turn to experts when it comes to choosing our food and dietary plans and rely less on fad diets that have been developed to exploit other people’s insecurities about their physical outlook whilst making unrealistic and vastly exaggerated claims for marketing purposes.