51+ Celebrities & Their Phenomenal Weight Loss Transformation


You might want to know which celebrities have struggled the most with their weight over the years and which ones have seen complete transformations? From lifestyle changes like dieting and exercise to gastric sleeve surgery, we uncovered 51 shocking celebrity weight losses that are sure going to change your mind about your extra pounds!  How much weight did they lose and did they stay skinny or did they triple the size afterward?

Zach Galifianakis – 60lbs – Strict Healthy Diet Plan & Exercise Routines

Wanted To Change His Lifestyle


Zach Galifianakis is next to Seth Rogen one of  Hollywood’s favorite bearded and chubby funny men. With his first major role in The Hangover, he became famous all over the globe. In 2014 the world was shocked when he arrived on the red carpet – all of a sudden he wasn’t chubby anymore but all slim and handsome. He lost about 60 pounds but still isn’t happy with the healthy lifestyle. He’d rather have a cold beer and a sausage, he says.