51+ Celebrities & Their Phenomenal Weight Loss Transformation


You might want to know which celebrities have struggled the most with their weight over the years and which ones have seen complete transformations? From lifestyle changes like dieting and exercise to gastric sleeve surgery, we uncovered 51 shocking celebrity weight losses that are sure going to change your mind about your extra pounds!  How much weight did they lose and did they stay skinny or did they triple the size afterward?

Tziporah Malkah (Kate Fischer) — 110lbs — Professional Training

Katie Fischer, or now known as Tziporah Malkah, used to be a stunning model of Australian-American origin who had a great start to her career. She was often touted as the next Elle Macpherson because of how gorgeous and stunning she was in her prime. Like Macpherson, Fischer was more than a model as she also took part in movies. She was having a great career, and all was well in her personal life, too, as she was engaged to business mogul, James Packer. However, things took a bitter turn when her engagement with Packer ended in 1998. After that, her career followed suit and went downhill. Apparently, she had been suffering from an eating disorder since she was the age of eight which was the reason why she gained a lot of weight. She was about 265 lbs when she decided to change her lifestyle. She sought the help of a professional trainer and controlled her diet as well. As per latest reports, Fischer has lost a total of 110lbs and looks as good as before!