Health Blogger Suggests The Key To Weight Loss Is Changing The Way You Look At Food


Julia Malacoff is a health blogger, writer, and editor on diet and weight loss articles. Due to the type of her job, she has been in close contact with medical experts, diet specialists, and fitness trainers. She had also immersed herself in deep research of diet and weight loss.

However, Julia still found it hard to stick to rules involved in these lessons. She was practicing these fitness tips every now and then, but her major setback was consistency.

Julia Malacoff paid attention to her food habits and made amazing progress toward her fitness goals

Recently she did a self-evaluation on herself and realized that overall answers to her predicament are in her mind. So without further delay, she adopted the mind game by changing her mindset about food and eating.

As a consequence, she had lost 10 pounds in 6 months, a feat she had been struggling to achieve for over five years. She shared her new ‘mind’ system with people who might find it useful and worth the try.

She monitored her meals and avoided assumptions

Julia knew the importance of weight and calories tracking, and she is a ‘perfectionist’ type who loves keeping accurate records. So she makes use of calories tracker and macros to monitor her progress. She said her system was not like this before because of some months back, she would be disciplined in tracking her meal consumption for some weeks but would soon veer off the track after one month. She recalled that her heart would then be troubled due to the fear of losing track of her calorie counts.

Her solution was talking to a dietitian who shared useful advice with her. She advised Julia to desists from worrying herself about indulgences because indulging once in a while in non-weight loss diets are harmless. Julia did it, and it worked. She recommended it because it’s the best way to enjoy your fitness project, not being too hard on your meals. It helps you to strike a balance.

Experts like Kelly Baez agrees with this style of weight loss. The psychologist and a health expert believe that tracking shouldn’t be a basis for your weight loss target. It shouldn’t stop you from eating some concentrated diets.

She disregarded the diet cliches like cheat meals and cheat days

Julia confessed that using those cliches were hindrances to her peace of mind because they scared her badly. So she changed her point of view about the terms and began regarding them as part of her dietary requirements. She began adopting the mindset of putting a stop to calling some food ‘bad’ and ‘good.’

Susan Albers, another psychologist, advised people to stop torturing themselves by using derogatory words because they will be affected negatively in the long run. Food is food, no matter the circumstances. Nothing like good or bad food.

Best ways to tackle the situation is to try a formula called ‘stop light’ whereby three colors will be set to represent your type of diets. Yellow colors will stand for moderate consumption of meals, red will stand for restricted meals, and green will represent meals that you must eat often, and they will help you reach your dietary targets. These foods are not dangerous so no need to give them red alert.

Albers also added that people should avoid words that kill their spirits and make them feel bad about themselves.

She soon found out that weighing herself does not determine all about her body

Julia wasn’t a fan of using the scales, and she confessed that she hadn’t used it in years because it always made her feel uncomfortable. Apart from that, it looked as if all her efforts to lose weight were not working.

However, she followed the prescription of her dietitian on weight loss, and she was advised to start getting into the system. So she had to get one scale to weigh herself weekly.

The new endeavor encouraged her to push on and view scale as just an ‘information device,’ not a life-sentence on weight loss.

Numerous research studies have also recommended using scales regularly because it helps to reduce adding weight. Although who are people into weight loss projects have choices to make concerning using the measurement device, Julia is absolutely sure it will go a long in improving their mindset about what they are doing.

Julia Malacoff may not be the perfect authority on weight loss matter but sure does know sufficient facts that have brought her this far. She and Baez have this advice for people struggling with all the points made above.

Nobody is infallible so stop feeling bad about indulgences or not making progress. As a matter of fact, mistakes are part of weight loss program so let them come so that you can learn from them. Baez concluded by kicking against imitation of someone else. This will only lead to inferior complex. Just do your thing properly and wait for results.