Here’s Why Aerobic Sessions Are More than You Thought


When you think about the benefits you stand to gain from aerobic workout sessions and exercises, you are most likely not going to give a thought to how it helps accelerate human cognitive thinking.

Well, this is a fact that not many know a lot about, and researches are still being carried out on the extent to which aerobic sessions improve the mental state of a human. So if you have been perturbing on ways to improve your problem-solving initiative, and maximize your thoughts efficiently, aerobic exercises might just be the way to go about it.

Initially, the study on how exercise affects mental health was carried out, about adults and aged people. However, with recent studies, it has been shown that young adults and teenagers also stand to benefit from this, with aerobic sessions.

Aerobic sessions improve the mental state of a human

A research was carried out by The College of Physicians and Surgeons from the Columbia University, on the effect of exercise on the human brain. The number of individuals used for the research was one hundred and thirty-two, all of them being within the range of ages twenty and sixty-seven.

The result of the research showed that individuals who tend to be more active than others have better reasoning planning and problem-solving skills than those who are not active or do not perform exercises. This research also showed that the difference in these executive functions was more obvious with aged individuals.

In real life sense, the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary man is the executive functioning of the body. Executive functioning has to do with the reasoning, organizing, and problem solving of the day to day activities of every human. It is also related to other complexes like the management of finance, health care management, driving, and the reflexes of reacting to emergencies.

Deductions From The Study

The one hundred and thirty-two individuals consisted of people who do not undergo a lot of workout sessions. These individuals were made into two different groups with one group performing aerobic workout sessions, and the other one doing basic stretching exercises.

The research work took about six months with the individual tested on various mental tasks that included executive function, speed processing, and many others. In this period, the individuals performed their various workout session four times a week.

The study from Columbia University was carried out to show the effect of basic exercise and aerobic workouts on cognitive thinking

After six months, the deduction from this study was that the individuals who partook in the aerobic exercises had rapid improvement in their executive reasoning compared to those who performed other basic exercises. It was also proven that the older an individual, the more improvement being made on cognitive reasoning and executive functioning.

The Effect of Exercises After the Age of 30

The executive function of every individual tends to peak at around the age of thirty or thereabouts. Researches have shown that with the help of aerobic sessions and other exercises, the diminishing in mental state can be limited.

The human brain peaks at the age of 30 and exercises can help maintain a good mental state and executive thinking.

The aerobic session is also unique, as it has been proven that it can help to retain thinking functions that have been lost by individuals.

This will occur in older people in situations where it can no longer work to improve their cognitive reasoning. However, some researches have proven that executive reasoning can still be improved by aerobic sessions for people over the age of fifty-five!

How Brain Adapts to Aerobic Session and Exercises

Aerobic sessions increase the gray matter of the brain over time. This gray matter is known to be associated with various human abilities and skills, as well as the executive functioning. Also, the increase in the volume of gray matter in the brain was in no way associated with the age of the individual undergoing the session.

Also, the way aerobic session and exercises work with the human brain can be different from one individual to another. The best aerobic workout or exercise to improve the brain functioning of one person may not be applicable to another individual.

The Benefits of Exercises

A lot of medical researches have taken place about how exercise improves humans. Apart from the aspect of cognitive thinking, aerobics aid in helping the activity of major body organs like the heart, lungs, and also the activity that has to do with transportation of blood and oxygen in the body.

Old people that exercise regularly tend to be mentally healthy and [protected from brain diseases.

A remarkable effect where it affects aged individuals positively is, through the increase in the number of blood vessels, which also tends to increase brain volume. The impact is that, diseases that affect the brain tend to decrease due to this.