Here’s How A Mother Of Two Lost 163 Pounds


A miscarriage in 2016 had prompted Francesca Lara to work on her weight. A few months later, a new project for Francesca was launched. And that project was not on any other budget than her weight loss. Francesca opened up that the incidence of her pregnancy loss made her so sad and she indirectly attributed it to her excessive weight.

Before weight loss, Francesca weighed more than 300 pounds

The mother of two was anxious about her third pregnancy in case she conceives again due to her age and added flesh. She had spent most of her last pregnancy period at the hospital on admission and with doctors attending to her. Francesca was scared. She could see that her motherly role was suffering adversely because of her size and poor health.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. She began the new process as soon as she regained her strength. The beautiful lady set a goal of 199 pounds out of her 368 pounds, before the end of the year. But she didn’t plan to do it alone; she enlisted the support of her family members because, according to her, they have been with her all along. The response was positive, and they promised to assist her in her proposed new project.

She Lost 100 pounds and is definitely not stopping

Francesca was determined to succeed this time on her weight loss plan because she had made some attempts at losing weight in the past with no results. But this time, she very much wanted to win the battle, and she believed in herself more than before.

Snoring and occasional seized breathing were some of the consequences of her weight. These and other unhealthy signs gave her all the encouragement she needed to forge ahead. Her first stop was at her physician’s office for a consultation. Her physician had her checked after which she was discovered to be diabetic in an unclassifiable manner. In addition, her doctor also told her that she was hypertensive.

She was given some dietary recommendations that included meals that have minimal carbohydrates but more packed with proteins. She started taking meals thrice and snacks twice a day. Then she would top it with a dessert that contains jello with no sugar content. She disciplined herself in such a way that she only take food when she feels the hunger pangs but ceases when she becomes filled up.

Francesca followed this pattern for three months. During this time, she made My Fitness Pal her calorie checker device to weigh her calorie intake but soon dumped it when the necessity was no longer there. Her breakfast consists of a protein shake liquid. For lunch, she takes oranges, apples, nuts, cheese and a Pure Protein Bar and more protein shake. Her dinner is normal with minor dietary condiments. Snacks for her is twice a day and contains vegetables and boiled chicken, all amounting to protein measured at five ounces.

For some time, she found it difficult to eat the proper measurement of each meal.

Francesca loses an average of 15-20 pounds per month, and surprisingly, she lost 100 pounds in six months. But she also observed that she didn’t use to shed as much weight as before. That made her find out about intermittent fasting (IF). Combining IF with her regular new dietary system really proved effective for her. If she noticed that she didn’t lose enough weight, she would adopt IF for a couple of weeks, which means she would skip breakfast daily. She also worked with a nurse who helped her monitor her progress.

Working out for Francesca wasn’t hard. For five times per week, she took strolls of 3 miles. Apart from that, she added jogging and fitness training to her workout routine. It’s fun running up and down the grandstand whenever her children have their softball practices.

Now her 8-year-old daughter can embrace mummy with both arms, an act that wasn’t possible in the past. Francesca also takes pictures to capture each step of her size improvement. This inspires her to push on. She talked about how she would never forget the day her daughter hugged her with no obstruction. She termed it a remarkable experience.

Fransesca and her 8-year-old daughter

Now she is 152 pounds less, 47 pounds away from her 199 pounds target. Always set targets every month and be disciplined to work towards it, she advised.

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