The Incredible Journey Of The Visionary Entrepreneur Elon Musk Will Teach You Lessons That No College Or Online Schools Can Teach You!


Elon Musk is now famous around the world as a genius with some very strange ideas. Every investment he has made has proven to be profitable and his fertile imagination continues producing brilliant ideas that are also making money. Unlike other billionaires whose wealth is just an inheritance, Elon is a self-made man, who has worked hard and even faced bankruptcy at some point. Follow us as we take a look at a life that reads like that of a superhero – or that of a James Bond villain. Whatever you believe about him, these facts will astonish you!

1971 – Birth Of A Genius

Elon Musk’s amazing story begins in South Africa’s city of Pretoria, where, in 1971, a baby was born to Errol and Maye Musk. Elon, a bookish and reserved kid, had a difficult childhood, horribly bullied at school and influenced by his parent’s divorce. He spent most of his childhood in South Africa, moving to Canada just before his 18th birthday. While he was a bright young boy, few could have predicted where his mind would take him.