Insane Celebrity Houses And Their Home Insurance Costs Are Unbelievable!


We all have our dream home in our minds and when you find your name on the list of the world’s richest people – it’s time to go get it! If you have an unlimited bank account, property prices become irrelevant and showing off your luxurious home is kind of a given. However, with amazing home insurance come state of the art security systems that you’d seldom get a chance to get a sneak peak. We’re now giving you a closer look into celebrity homes to rock your world; with pools, bowling alleys, car parks, and helipads! All prices are estimated.

Prepare to see the craziest celebrity homes like you’ve never seen them before…

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis – $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Famous actor Ashton Kutcher and his lovely wife Mila Kunis decided to spend some of the money from their fat bank account to settle down into a $10-million mansion in Beverly Hills, providing security and privacy for their growing family. The mansion includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and it is surrounded by a huge garden where their children can play. Let’s hope that they haven’t forgotten to get a home insurance.

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