Juliane Hough’s Emotional Performance In DWTS Is About Terminal Illness


When it comes to dancing, she is known to be one of the greatest in this generation. Julianne Hough is known for being a part of ABC’s celebrity dance competition, Dancing With The Stars. She became widely known for winning not just once but twice as a professional champion and was even awarded in 2007 for Outstanding Choreography for Creative Arts Primetime Emmy in DWTS. She also became known for starring in the 2011 remake of the classic musical film, Footloose.

Julianne, along-side her brother Derek, who is a six-time winner of Dancing With Stars, became permanent judges of the show. However, despite her success on the dance floor, no one ever thought that she has actually been battling a terrible illness.

Hough is a two-time champion of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars


It was during her teenage years when Hough started feeling certain pains and of course she thought it was just normal period cramps since she is a teenager after all. In an interview with SELF, she admitted that she simply dealt with it and ignored the pain. It wasn’t until a 20-year-old Hough found herself being in an excruciating pain while on the set of Dancing With The Stars, so she had to get herself checked to know what exactly is going on. A gynecologist finally revealed to her that she has a condition known as endometriosis. “When I was 18, I moved in with a roommate and she was always in so much pain during her period. She told me that she had endometriosis,” she recalls.

“She told me what it was and the symptoms and how she felt, and I thought, ‘That kind of sounds familiar,’ but I didn’t feel like I had as much pain as she did,” Hough continued. Because of this, the two-time Dancing With The Stars champion has been a part of “Get in the Know About ME in EndoMetriosis,” which is actually a national campaign that aims to spread awareness when it comes to endometriosis. The professional dancer is sharing her story with the goal to empower women that it is perfectly fine to have it as long as they seek help and that they are absolutely not alone in this battle.

SWIPE 👉🏼 to find out the SURPRISE ‼️ There are certain moments in my career that have made what I do mean so much more than you could ever imagine. This performance and piece that @marinspirations choreographed will forever be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Thank you @justinbaldoni for introducing us and being such a selfless angel that makes dreams come true. I feel so lucky that I have had a platform to share my joy and love of dance with all of you, where it all began for me on #DWTS. So when I heard Marinda’s story, saw her work and found out it was a dream for her to have a piece on the show, I was absolutely blown away and HAD to find a way for her to share her gifts. I can’t wait for all of you to feel the same amount of love, gratitude, compassion and LIFE that she gives to me! I’m not going to give too much of her story away now because we want you to tune in on Monday at 8/7C on ABC to celebrate her life and her talents that she so courageously created for all of us! TRUST ME, You won’t want to miss this! Thank you to everyone at @wayfarerla for all the amazing work you do and for connecting us all together! #mylastdays Thank you to everyone at @dancingabc bbc, and abc for being so amazing by embracing this performance and for having a platform for this genius and beautiful soul to inspire and give hope to those that need it .. all through the universal language, DANCE! #alexanderjean #wouldntchangeanything #dance #choreography #love #passion #life #inspire

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Endometriosis is actually a condition wherein it causes a woman’s body to have heavy periods that come with agonizing pain that could lead to infertility and other issues. The tissues that are apparently supposed to grow in the endometrium, which is the woman’s uterus, is growing in some other parts of the body just like in the Fallopian tubes and the ovaries which is the one causes the severe pain.

It is reported that 1 in 10 from teenage girls to adult women in the United States alone are actually suffering from endometriosis and that is according to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. According to Joy Brotherton, M.D who is the director of minimally invasive gynecological surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and an associate professor of ob/gym, “ Traditionally, we think of endometriosis as causing painful periods. But women can have pain when they’re not on their period. A lot of women can have GI symptoms,” she explained. “Like the bloating, diarrhea, so they go down this path of seeing GI specialists who may not know about endometriosis,” Brotherton continued.


Hough has been a huge part of Dancing With The Stars, so when she was asked to do a performance on the two-night special finale, she took the chance. The 29-year-old actress-dancer took the dance floor with an emotional performance that she dedicates to those who are battling with terminal illness. Hough talked about how she actually met up with choreographer Marinda Davis, who is unfortunately diagnosed with not just one by seven auto-immune diseases that caused her to be terminally ill. Despite the pain that she is in, Davis still helped Hough with her routine. “This dance is Marinda’s story that she’s choreographed. I could not be more honored that she chose me to play her and that we get to share her gift with the world,” Hough explained.

The performance was set to the “Wouldn’t Change Anything” that is from Mark Ballas together with his wife BC Jean’s band Alexander Jean, with Hough starting it with a devastated expression coming out of the doctor’s office into a town full of group of dancers, the emotional dance ended with Hough being lifted up into the air. When the dance ended, Tom Bergeron, who is the host of the show said to Davis, “I have to say how much I admire you turning what you’re facing an art.”

David then called the entire performance a ‘dream come true’ and was thankful for Hough for actually nailing the performance as expected. Davis even described Hough as one of the most extraordinary humans she actually worked with.

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