Kill The Hangover With These Tips From Health Experts


Drinks are part of our diets. We eat, we drink something. We sometimes don’t eat yet we still drink, and now the quantity of that beverage, soda or beer is too much inside your system. You begin to see the strange vision, your esophagus has started grumbling for space, and you are racing to the bathroom to throw up every minute. Your strength is all gone, and your body just wants to slump onto the bed.

You already know that hangover has hit you hard. Good news! There are solutions to that stubborn hangover. Experts have gathered some useful tips on how to treat this menace and regain your full energy.

1. Greasy food

The first expert to endorse greasy food as a hangover reliever is a specialist in yoga technique, Lauren Taus. A blend of turmeric, coconut water, and magnesium works wonders for the maintenance of electrolytes levels. She recommended greasy foods such as pancakes, fried meats, pizza and concentrated greasy meals. They help to reduce fatigue because the fats obtained therein produce fuel that keeps the body going. Taus also advised people to take enough rest afterward.

2. Mix tea, ginger, and one banana together

Cynthia Sass is a nutrition expert and diet blogger. For her, ginger is the best choice to douse nausea because of its natural properties. On the other hand, banana is good for restoring all the essential nutrients you must have lost, such as potassium, electrolytes, and fluids. Lack of potassium is responsible for physical stress, muscle spasm, irritation and cardio pulsation. She advised that people should mix mashed ginger root with banana and pure honey, then add one banana. This blend of mother nature is rich in antioxidant elements. The storm in your brain will be calmed, and inflammation will be cured. Be rest assured that no wounds will remain afterward.

3. Fruit smoothie

Carefully take your time to blend berries (blueberries and strawberries), a banana and OJ to form a fine-textured fruit smoothie, says Roshini Raj, medical personnel, and blogger. He explained that the concoction is enriched with potassium and antioxidants that enhance the process of sufficient fluids into the body.

4. Kombucha blended with ginger

A fresh kombucha with a touch of ginger is very good for your hangovers, says a group of female dietitians. Kombucha has the alkaline property that cuts down the volume of acid accumulated in your system as a result of the liquor intake. When alkaline is formed from kombucha, it will work very well with the fermented state of your stomach and the severe stomach disruption will be averted.

The team added that ginger is a douser of nausea feelings as well, so there is no better option than a good dose of kombucha and ginger.

5. Use one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is a surefire way to get rid of a hangover, Sarah Levey said. She is a yoga trainer and nutrition professional. She advised diluting the measurement in water and gulping it down at a go, then inhale fresh air. This will make the storm in your tummy to calm.

6. Go for an outdoor run

Sarah Leslie endorsed running outside the house. She said people are really lazy when it comes to exercise, but it works perfectly well for hangovers. Exercise provides the opportunity to sweat, regaining fluids and ingest fresh air.

7. Enroll in a workout class

Still, on exercises, Jacqueline Andriakos supported Sarah’s point of view on physical activities to reduce the effect of a hangover. She advised that you should enroll in a workout class and the best way to get going is to pay the fee in advance. Speaking from personal experience, Jacqueline believes that when you know that you have already paid for a workout class, the fear of wasting your money will drive you out whenever you want to be lazy. Truly, she said working out is a good way to ward off a hangover.

8. Berocca tablet

Kathleen Mulpeter who is a nutrition analyst suggests Berocca pills which are richly packed with essential vitamins. Using Berocca is simple, just dissolve it in water and drink. She recommended taking the solution early in the morning after waking up from the drowsy state of hangover.