Kim Kardashian Spills Her Insane Workout Routines To Keep Fit


We can remember Kim Kardashian for her achievements in business, her prominent family as well as her relationships and children. However, one thing about her that you cannot miss is just how fit this reality star is. She has a booty which has made a name of its own in Hollywood so its pretty impossible if that does not come with an intense fitness regimen. Fortunately, the Hollywood star revealed all recently.

Never Skip Leg Day

Kim Kardashian West could be one of the most sought-after bottoms in Hollywood. It is no secret that it does take a lot of effort to maintain that legendary backside, so her fans have been wondering how she has been maintaining them. In a series of videos, the 36-year-old reality star gave her followers a look behind what she has been doing to stay fit.

It is no secret that Kim K does not like missing leg day. In one of her posts which was captioned “Today is major leg day”, she gave her followers a walk through her workout which started with hex deadlifts and ended with glute kickbacks.

What Made Her Start

Kim Kardashian sought some help from a bodybuilder and coach whom she met on social media

While Kim Kardashian always had that backside that was legendary in its own right, she was not always passionate about fitness. This only came to happen after some paparazzi snapped some unflattering pictures of her while she was on vacation in Mexico. When these photos surfaced online, the star decided that she had to find ways to get in shape.

“I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip in Mexico and people were photoshopping them and sharpening them” explains Kardashian West while being interviewed on “The View.” The photo editing and widespread scrutiny came at a bad time for Kardashian West, who is a mother to 21-month-old son Saint and daughter North who just turned 4.

Getting Some Help

While she already knows a thing or two about fitness, Kim Kardashian sought some help from a bodybuilder and coach whom she met on social media to come up with a better routine. In describing her new regimen, Kardashian West said that you will have to do the work. She gets up every morning between 5:30 and 6 and finishes her workout before her kids get up.

This could be a very practical approach for parents who would want to get fit. If you feel that all your time is being taken from you from all the things you have to do for your kids, just getting up before they do can already give you more than enough time to workout.

Correcting a Dieting Mistake

Kardashian-West also totally changed her diet after she realized that there was actually a key mistake. She was eating less and thought that it would be okay if she would not eat a few things, but she was totally avoiding carbs which were not natural and was really hard for her.

Of course, her new workout partner had some solutions to this problem. Kardashian had adjusted to add healthy carbs and vegetables to her diet. Now, she can say that she is eating correctly.

Working Out the Entire Body

While everyone admires Kim Kardashian West for her backside and legs, of course, she does not forget the rest of her body. Barry’s Bootcamp has an approach that has not only been approved by Kim Kardashian but by Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes as well as many others as well.

This workout consists of essential moves which already workout different parts of the body. some of those moves involved are the alternate reverse lunge with bicep curl, renegade row with push up, skull crusher with leg lift and chest press with leg extension.

Whether she is slaying it with the latest fashion trends, breaking the internet or being a good mother to her kids, Kim Kardashian will always be that person who we would like to follow everywhere. Now we know the amount of work it takes to keep and maintain that booty and what made her want to keep fit. What do you think of her workout regimen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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