Let’s Get Real About Garcinia Cambogia; 5 Facts You Should Know Before Trying


Garcinia Cambogia is the talk of fitness town due to its proven properties in fighting obesity. While you might have heard about this supplement before, you might have wondered at some point what this can do for you or if it is the right thing for you to take. Here are some things you should know about it first:

Garcinia Cambogia Should Be Taken in Pure Form

With its popularity taking the world by storm, you can see this appetite and fat suppressant almost anywhere nowadays. However, although this can work wonders to combat obesity, you have to take this in its purest form.

Most of the time, when this is processed, the added impurities to make the production of commercialized products cost effective will not give you the desired results. Products get tweaked a little once in a while when they enter the competitive market, but when choosing a Garcinia Cambogia supplement, you have to pick the purest one for the best results.

Hollywood actress Melissa McCarthy is a testament to its effectiveness. “I spoke with a nutritionist regarding my battles with dieting and she let me know about Garcinia Cambogia. Four weeks after starting on it, I was down 15 lbs. I took it for the term of my weight reduction and I keep on taking it now. Without Garcinia, I am not certain I would have been able to lose any weight by any means,” said the comedienne. 

No Known Side Effects, But Not for Pregnant Women Or Those With Medical Conditions

While its weight loss properties are still debatable, numerous studies have already confirmed that Garcinia Cambogia has no side effects at all. It has been prevalent across many different cultures, but there has not been any case of a major side effect that has been observed.

While this is fairly safe to be sold commercially, pregnant ladies should still avoid this product. While pregnant, you should not aim to lose weight and have you and your baby’s health as your top priority. Also, this product can suppress appetites, and that might not be the best effect for you when having a baby. Having other medical conditions would also mean taking necessary precautions such as those having diabetes or high blood pressure.

How to Take It

While the popularity of Garcinia Cambogia has waned off in some areas, some would think most people just do not take it properly. Harry Preuss, researcher and pathologist at Georgetown University, saw enough to like about Garcinia Cambogia and had researched a lot about it. In a closer look, he just says that “you have to take the right dose of the right product and you have to take it properly.”

He also says that you have to consume enough so that it reaches the necessary sites in your body that has to be reached. Dr. Preuss pushes the idea that you have to maximize bioavailability to get somewhere.

It Is Meant to be Consumed With A Proper Diet and Hydration

Garcinia Cambogia can work, but it is not any kind of magic spell. The supplement, when taken properly, can really suppress your appetite and help incinerate the fat deposits in your most stubborn areas. However, this will only happen if you exercise regularly, get a healthy diet and increase your water intake.

Any supplement acting alone cannot counteract the fattening effects of your bad habits. Thus, it is only when you change your bad habits while taking this supplement when you will see results.

Quality Over Money Savings

Your money is an asset, but you should not compromise too far when it comes to your health which in reality is your biggest asset. With Garcinia Cambogia getting really popular, you can come across a lot of them while having a stroll or online. You might get tempted by a lot of cheap offers that will offer you weight loss, but do not get swayed.

As said earlier, this supplement has become very popular and a lot of manufacturers are capitalizing on such popularity. You can expect that most of the supplements of this type that you come across are filled with senseless fillers that might give you more side effects that it would help you.

While Garcinia Cambogia can do wonders for you and can really help you reach your weight goals, this alone will not get you anywhere unless you exercise regularly and eat healthily. No supplement in the world can take the place of discipline and hard work. Have you ever encountered this supplement before? What do you think about it? Share with us your reviews in the comments below.


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