Life’s Coaches’ Advice on Conquering Your Fears



Fear. Its that one emotion that every one of us feels at one point or the other, and it often hits you when you’re about to take on a new venture or dive into an unfamiliar territory – fear of the unknown, they call it.

When it comes down to realizing your true potential and chasing your dreams, your thoughts and habits play a crucial role, but one thing that can hold you back and prevent you from achieving success in life, is fear.

So, when you’re second-guessing your abilities and hesitating towards taking a step forward, even who you know that it is the right direction, how do you overcome the panic holding you back? Here are five inspiring tips from successful life coaches for minimizing fear and overcoming mental obstacles.

Most people seek the true meaning of life and their purpose on this planet, but not everyone can find the inner fulfillment that comes from pursuing a life of passion

The Fear of Living a Purpose-less Life

One life coach says that people are scared of failing in life and the only way to overcome this fear is by mentally preparing yourself for success and holding yourself accountable for your progress towards it.

If you don’t know what you want in life, it’s never too late to start searching. Life coach Jennifer Horton suggests starting with your interests and finding things that you enjoy doing on the daily. Once you’ve found an area of interest, set out on a path of exploration and find a way to turn your passion into life’s purpose. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of not having that passion, that fear will eventually lead you to finding it.

The Fear of Never Losing Weight

Focusing too much on the fear of failing will make you fail eventually, says health and life coach Jennifer Dene. If you have a goal in mind, try to find the right motivation to reach that goal.

For example, if you want to lose weight, focus on how it will make you feel and look which will serve as motivation to embark on your weight loss journey. Instead of thinking that you’ll fail, tell yourself that the goal is within your control and the way you will look eventually comes down to how you eat and how often you exercise.

The Fear of Never Being Loved

Love is a powerful feeling that all of us are capable of giving and receiving, but before seeking it from others, it is important that you find love within yourself. Jessi L. LaCosta, a leadership and life coach, says that the power of self-love attracts others. When you treat yourself in a way that demonstrates respect and value, you’ll eventually find someone who treats you the same way you treat yourself.

But just like love attracts love, fear also attracts fear, which means that if you spend most of your energy being scared that you will never be loved, there is a greater chance of your fears coming true.

Probably the most common fear that almost every one of us has experienced at some point is having trouble with money

The Fear of Never Being Rich

Amber Hurdle, who works with female entrepreneurs, says she often advises her clients to tackle one financial obstacle at the time, starting with the biggest and the most urgent one. For some it’s paying back debt, and for others it is finding a job that secures their livelihood.

Create a financial plan and start saving a little bit of your earnings in a savings account so that you feel more relaxed knowing that you have enough finances to cover any emergency situations.

The Fear of Losing a Loved One

When we have no idea what the future has in store, it is normal to let your imagination get the best of you and create one scary scenario after another, until fear completely takes over your life. In order to overcome this valid fear, you need to start by accepting that we’ll lose a loved one at some point in our lives and make peace with the fact that death is inevitable.

Instead of being scared, spend your time being close to your loved ones and making the most of the limited time you have with them. If you’re worried about their health, encourage them to change their lifestyle and take better care of their diet and physical fitness.