A Low Carb Diet Is Good For Your Heart And Weight Loss


The misconception people have about fats is that they make one obese. On the contrary, carbs are the only nutrients that produce more obesity and weight gain than any other food class. This means that you need to reduce your carbohydrates intake than your fats consumption, according to a research carried out by scientists from Brigham and Women health center, in collaboration with Harvard University.

The study was published in 2015, and 72 participants were selected for the experiment, and 58 tests were arbitrarily examined during the experiment. The 72 participants were divided into two groups; one group was instructed to take diets that were low in fat content while the other group was asked to eat food that contained small carbs.

The results showed that when people eat food that has a small portion of carbs, they shed weight faster, but when people take diets that are low in fat, they don’t lose weight.

Asserting this view opined in this study, Kris Gunnars, a Keto diet expert, and blogger agreed that when carbs are reduced to a small portion in our diets, then losing weight will be more achievable. This is because the reduction in carbs helps to flush out unnecessary fluids from the system due to their ability to slacken the levels of insulin contents. As a result, accumulated sodium will be removed from the kidneys and in turn, says Kris, shedding of weight will begin on a fast note.

Just like the Harvard and Brigham study results, low-carbs work on weight loss when compared with low-fats.

This was the case with the patients used for the test. Those who took diets with small carb contents reduced in weight by 3.1 pounds. The other group which ate reduced fat food only achieved medium shedding of weight compared to the first group, and the general weight measurement for all the group members was 7 pounds.

Apart from this, Kris confirmed that most of the fats in our bodies come from the abdominal region, even though some fats are different from others. The location of these fats has a huge influence on the healthy survival and protection of the body against diseases.

For instance, the fat located in the abdominal region is called visceral fat. This particular fat is harmful. It can lead to obstruction of insulin, triggers inflammation and brings about the malfunctioning of metabolism.

However, low-carbs can handle this situation when used appropriately. From this practice, the dangers of contracting type II Diabetes and heart problems will be minimized. Kris recommends eating lots of low-carb food to combat the menace of visceral fat that is dangerous to our bodies.

Solidifying the outcome of the 2015 Harvard and Brigham research finding, a study had revealed yet another truth. People who consume carbs less than 35g in a day have the tendency to shed nine pounds, compared to those on diets that are low in fat content. Some scientists also suggest that, contrary to popular opinion which typically holds sodden fats responsible for heart complications, food that is mainly carbs are probably behind it.

Furthermore, Kris mentioned risky fat molecules present in the blood called ‘triglycerides.’ These molecules are generated mostly when people fast for a long period, and this can lead to heart problems as well. Studies have revealed that excessive intake of carbs such as fructose is a culprit in encouraging the growth of triglycerides.

In essence, low-carb diets work like magic in destroying the unhealthy blood fat molecules, compared to low-fat diets that can aggravate their growth.

Carb diets have always been linked to excess flesh accumulation in people. Therefore, these research results have stamped the medical facts that the best way to lose weight is to reduce your carbohydrates intake.

In his comment, Kris explained that low-carb foods help to reduce your cravings for food. He admitted that starvation is synonymous with diet and a lot of people are unable to maintain the practice for long. However, low-carb diets aid in cutting down on your desire to pop something in your mouth.

The advantage is that the less food you eat, the fewer calories you accumulate. This will have more benefits when you replace your carbs with healthy fats and proteins.

The most important thing is always to choose your diets wisely. Let fruits, vegetables, good fats and proteins dominate your dining tables if you want to be fit this new year.

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