Mama June Drops 300 Pounds In 7 Months — See Her Amazing Transformation!


When you are happy with yourself, you won’t want to stop being in that state forever. Mama June Shannon can relate to this as she said she would never return to the past of being obese. Mama June also added that she was happy with her new self.

Mama June Shannon looking as good as ever!

Mama June went from being dull and ‘Not Hot’ to being ‘Hot’ in just a few months.

Meet Mama June Shannon who is a 38-year old beautiful reality star and a mother of four. She was once afflicted by obesity in the past, but her determination made her embark on an intensive weight loss program which had helped her to shed 300 lbs in 7 months.

The cheerful beauty was seen somewhere around Atlanta, Georgia on Monday. And what was she seen doing? She was gladly displaying her hot body to anyone who cared to look. As the saying goes, when you have it, flaunt it! She also swore not to return to the bad old days of being fat and being jeered at.

Honestly, she seems to be sticking to her resolution of “not returning back” vow.

Mama June’s amazing transformation

Her mood was very bright, and people were amazed at her unbelievable and sleek physical transformation. Shannon now goes out with gaiety. Whenever she has an outing, she always wear dresses that perfectly suit her new body. Like the day she wore a gray colored sportswear that had a body-hugging long-sleeves and tight slacks. The smile she had on that day was contagious.

Shannon doesn’t look like she will give up soon on her body. She is really looking after her weight. She once opened up to journalists about her plans to start doing better regarding weight loss. She said nobody really believed her weight-loss journey, but she strongly believed in herself. She jotted it down in her diary the ways she planned to take care of her weight. She wanted to ensure that she took better quality food that contains rich, healthy elements. Doing a lot of workouts and regulating her food portion was also part of the big plan! She once had a gastric sleeve surgery in 2015, and her weight changed from 460 lbs. to a size 4.

Shannon was on TV in February, and her viewers were stunned to see her magical physique as a sharp contrast to her former figure, she was on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ show and the reactions from people were overwhelming.

Wearing a tight, body-hugging dress is not a problem anymore

Shannon expended over $75,000 on series of operations she went for; such as breast augmentation, gastric sleeve surgery and the slicing off of 9 lbs layers of skin from her stomach and neck.

Shannon’s weight loss is very interesting indeed; shedding off 300 lbs in 7 months is no mean fit.

She talked about how she had become unrecognizable and how many people still don’t believe it was her on TV until they heard her voice- which she was clearly happy about. Although, she felt lonely sometimes. To her. It was just as if she was impersonating someone. It almost made her want to scream at people that she was not in any disguise. She complained that she missed those days when things were normal, and whenever she walked down the road, people knew her and waved. But now, nobody seems to see her, not even her children.

But that has not deterred her from enjoying her new shape. She has kept her body continuously adorned with wears from her brand new wardrobe.

She never missed a chance to exhibit her new shape of 4 figure as many times as she gets the chance. She was spotted recently at ex Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson’s wedding in a gorgeous crimson revenge dress. She said her beautiful dress was an inspiration for her to be at the event. She also attended a Baywatch-inspired photo shoot in a tight single-piece red bathing suit.

About tummy tuck surgery, Shannon is not a sucker for such ‘activity. It had never crossed her mind to try out a tummy tuck. She never even fancied facial skin ‘plastic surgery’. She just believed in moderation. In her opinion, anyone would still be happy with their skin intact. She went further to joke about not seeing herself in the ‘plastic surgery’ region of beauty republic.

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