The Mexican Food Diet: 5 Things We Should Know About This New Weight Loss Trend


Everyone loves Mexican food, regardless of how healthy they might think their health regimen is. You might be on a strict diet, but you will find it pretty hard to resist those tacos, enchiladas, nachos and everything else Mexican. Fortunately, it has been recently discovered that Mexican food might be the missing key to sustainable weight loss. Mexican cuisine has some elements which might make it the perfect tool to weight loss.

Best Approach to Weight Loss?

Some cuisines are healthier than others. Some cultures have built their diets around healthy substances by default while others are not too fortunate. When it comes to healthy cuisines, Mexican might not be what you have in mind but an author claims that this is the best approach to losing weight.

Tacos, nachos, enchiladas and cheese and salsa loaded quesadillas might not what you have in mind when you try to come up with a diet where you want to lose weight. However, with this new finding, it looks like you might want to treat yourself to an extra serving, in the right amounts of course.

Mexico Has the Solution

Mexican food is said to be great for detoxifying your body.

Maru Davila, author of “The Mexican Food Diet” explained in her new book as to why Mexican food would be best to get healthy and lose weight. The author said that seven out of ten people are already overweight. This means that a lot of them are also suffering from health issues which are connected to excess weight.

Davila said that the best possible approach to these problems is to have a diet that is built around Mexican food. At one point in her life, Davila was 60 pounds overweight and had struggled with trying to bring it down for over 30 years. The only thing that worked for her was in the food that she ate while growing up in Mexico.

Mexican Food is Misunderstood

Those cheesy and spicy nachos, tacos and wraps might be what you are craving for when thinking of a cheat meal. However, it looks like this is what you can actually feast on if you want to lose weight. Mexican food has always been perceived as very rich in flavor but also very unhealthy. However, Davila says that his cuisine has elements which make it great for health and weight loss.

Having a Mexican food diet is eating healthy that feels and tastes like cheating. Davila also says that Mexican food is great for detoxifying your body. Peppers is also a very prevalent ingredient in Mexican cuisine, and she says that these are rock stars when it comes to weight loss and health.

The next time you are resisting the urge to have some tacos, just go ahead and have some

Mexican Food is for Everyone

“It doesn’t matter if you are Mexican or not,” says Davila in a 2016 Facebook post. Recent polls show that Mexican cuisine is not only one of America’s most popular cuisines, but it is one of the most loved around the world.

Mexican food is very rich in flavor as it is loaded with spices. However, it can also get unhealthy if it gets loaded with a lot of empty carbs such as tortillas, rice and corn. In her book, however, Davila teaches us to take advantage of the flavor while doing away with all those stuff which can make you fat.

Some Healthy Mexican Servings

Mexican food by itself is not really that good for you, but Davila in her book can teach you how to take advantage of some elements of this cuisine to come up with meals that are guilt-free and taste really good.

Guacamole made with avocados, spices and tomatoes are really good for you and they blend pretty well with salads or whole grained chips. You can also use avocados, tomatoes, and cheese in a lot of ways and Davila teaches you how to do so in her book. For some sweet servings, blueberries and strawberries can help you. These are low carb and very high in antioxidants.

The next time you are resisting the urge to have some tacos, just go ahead and have some. Load up on salsa, cheese and tomatoes and the next thing you know, you could be on the right path to reach your ideal weight. What do you think of this diet? Share your thoughts and reactions with us in the comments below!

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