What Is Blood Thinning And Why Do You Need It?


Some people suffer from different kinds of heart and blood vessel diseases, or if the blood doesn’t flow normally to the brain. These people might need blood thinning, if you are worried, it is best to go to your doctor and blood thinning might be recommended for you, if it is necessary. 

What this does is that it helps when it comes to reducing the risk of heart attack as well as stroke, because it reduces the formation of blood clots that may happen in the arteries and veins. People who have an abnormal heart like atrial fibrillation, heart valve surgery, and congenital heart defects.


Warfarin or Coumadin, which is known to be an anticoagulant medication, that helps prevent clots from forming within the blood, this is commonly recommended for people who has a heart disease, like irregular heart rhythm, a block in the blood vessel in the lungs, or has undergone an orthopedic surgery. Warfarin doesn’t necessarily dissolve a blood clot, but these blood clots may dissolve over time with the help of warfarin, it also helps when it comes to preventing blood clots to grow.
• Dalteparin is also used to prevent harmful blood clots, however, this is given as an IV or it is injected right under the skin, this is commonly recommended for patients who will undergo surgery, to prevent blood clots.
• Eliquis or Apixaban is an oral medicine to prevent blood clots, this may be taken by mouth as directed by your doctor. It is crucial to not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor first as it may lead to some serious side effects.

However, if there are medical ways, there are also natural and of course, safe ways to make your blood thinner.


Ginger has always been known as a herbal medicine centuries. People from Asia are the ones who use ginger as an alternative medicine for almost any illness. It has been proven to help treat the common cold, arthritis, diarrhea, headaches, menstrual period cramps, colic and heart conditions. However, ginger is also used as a natural blood thinner, because it has a natural chemical to prevent the blood cells from clotting and clumping.

Ginger herbal supplements can be found in health food stores or the local pharmacy near you, chemists who work there may even help you by recommending which brand works best. However, if you choose to do it naturally, you may add ginger into your food or drink, although it may not be as effective as the supplements because of the unequal dosages.


Peppermint is normally added to toothpaste, mouthwash, candies, and ice cream. There is no proven fact that peppermints can actually work wonders when it comes to blood thinning, however, it can help break down the supplements for it.

Peppermint does contain some Vitamin K though, so it can still help with blood thinning, but not the directly. It can help when it comes to preventing any abnormal clump of clot-producing platelets because of its salicylate content.


People often think of the chewy and gummy candy when they hear this because they have an identical name, but the original licorice is actually healthier than the candy itself. Just like ginger, it has been used for thousands of years as an organic medicinal remedy for a lot of illnesses. It helps soothes any gastrointestinal ails like nausea and heartburn. It was discovered that the licorice root has this coumarin content that actually contributes when it comes to preventing blood clots. Licorice can also help the blood flow normalize. Licorice can be made as a tea, but you must keep in mind that you shall not take any herbs without the consent of your doctor especially if you’re under any other medication since it may interfere with its effects and may go badly.

It is important though that you must remember that these natural blood thinners don’t work like the medicinal ones, if your doctor prescribes you with medicinal ones, you must take them and don’t substitute them with these organic blood thinners. These natural ones have a milder way of thinning the blood and doesn’t have a lot of side effects compared to the medicinal ones. So try these natural blood thinners and leave a comment to let us know which one helped you.

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