What You Need To Know About The New ‘Macros’ Diet


More and more people are getting into different types of diets, which is why the U.S. News and World Report released the top diets for 2018. However, there is one particular diet that is capturing the attention of the public, and that is the Macros diet which is actually also known as Flexible Dieting. This is actually considered as today’s most popular calorie counting diet especially to bodybuilders, models, and cross-fitters since it is basically all over social media. There is even a trend where it is called as the IIFYM, which actually stands for If It Fits Your Macros. This is a trend wherein people are required to count and at the same time monitor their daily calorie consumption to be able to lose a couple of pounds. The macronutrients or most commonly known as macros consist of carbohydrates, fats and protein. A smartphone is required to be able to try this particular diet since it is more convenient for the users. Continue reading to find out more information about macros.


According to fitness expert and personal trainer, Carrie McMahon, calorie counting can definitely be a little too stressful, which is why she believes that macronutrient counting is more effective, which may also be the reason why it is becoming more and more popular. Macronutrients basically consist of carbs, protein and fat, which makes more sense in counting. So instead of how much calories you are trying to count, you pay attention to what kind of calories you are consuming. People who count calories often eat food that has low calorie-count such as cereals, low-fat bars, and even fat-free meals every single day, the sad truth is that they are awful and they simply don’t satisfy one’s appetite. Being aware of your macronutrients makes you a happier person since you are not exactly craving that much since you have the chance to indulge but not too much. This is for your mind and body to feel as if it is getting the balance it deserves and you’re not exactly depriving yourself of your favorite foods.


According to Dr. Julie Upton of the Appetite for Health, macronutrients must consist of 40-50 percent healthy carbs, 25-30 percent of protein, and the rest must be fats. This is considered to be the ideal count for macronutrients each day. However, it would, of course, depend on the height, weight, gender as well as the activity level of the person who is doing the calculations. This is because a person who is trying to lose weight has different eating habits and lifestyle compared to an athlete who is training for a marathon. The breakdown of the daily macronutrients will then vary.

Upton also revealed that there is nothing that special when it comes to macro diet since it is basically just maintaining the weight or losing some. One of the reasons why people are basically going crazy over it is that there are a lot of people who are posting on their social media pages such as Twitter and Instagram while eating fast food items like French fries, burger, waffles and even sweets such as chocolate candies. This doesn’t really mean that it is the only thing that they consume, this just shows that macro diet is very flexible and it is not that type where you would have to deprive yourself of what you want to eat.

This is basically one of the reasons why it stands out from the rest. Most diets would make you eat strictly non-fatty food and all that jazz, but counting macronutrients will also give you ideal results but only if you follow an extremely balanced diet and regular exercise to go with it. This is because when someone is trying to lose weight, they shouldn’t only be focused on what they are eating but also what exactly are they doing such as working out, staying healthy by getting regular check-ups and of course, getting enough sleep during the night.

However, nutrition experts like Dr. Upton want people to understand that not every diet works for everyone. Macronutrients counting may work for your friend but it is not guaranteed that it would work on your especially if you have different lifestyles and body types.

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