All New Spire Tech Tracks Stress Before You Actually Get Stressed


We are currently living in the most advanced generation yet, so companies are definitely making sure to take advantage of it not just to be able to come up with a product that would totally help people, but also make people think that they actually need it and not just want it. There are gadgets that are just known to be a luxury because they’re just ridiculously expensive and is not exactly needed for everyday living, but there are also the ones that are convenient and you would think that it would be necessary for you to have. Just like this all-new wearable activity tracker known as Spire, which you can wear underneath your clothes and it would analyze your breath rates to be able to determine whether you are calm, tensioned, and focused.

Spire tracks a person’s breathing to be able to identify the level of stress


According to the Neema Moraveji, Spire’s chief scientist and co-founder, Spire literally looks like a small rock, but it more than just a gadget. The entire idea apparently started at Stanford University in the lab known as Calming Technology Lab and the primary goal of the lab is actually to identify the technologies that could help people with their stress. “In the lab, we study the interaction between stress and the body, so with stress the heart rate increases, the blood pressure increases, there is more perspiration. That’s depending on our state of mind and our breathing changes,” he explained.

Moraveji also stated that the key to how actually Spire works is that by being able to track a person’s breathing, it would be able to tell the person that they’re becoming stressed and they could actually prevent it worsens it. He also mentioned that earth isn’t technically just about how many steps a person takes a day, it is also apparently more than just a state of mind. Spire would be able to help you work better and be more creative about things, communicate well with other people and of course these things would lead to you being calm and it would stabilize your blood pressure. “It is looking at the inhale and exhale pattern, and if you suddenly get anxious about something, that pattern may get faster, it may feel a little bit erratic. Then when you relax it starts to slow and gets smoother,” Moraveji said.


If you actually take the wearable gadget and look at it closely while gently squeezing it, there is a pressure sensitive membrane that is inside of this tiny device. According to Moraveji, it is actually super sensitive because it is what tracks the breathing of the wearer. It also does noise collection and it even works through algorithms since it does have some accelerometers inside of it.

Through the Bluetooth connection to the phone, it would be able to tell you if it is running low on energy. Spire does not have any buttons, there’s no holes or wires where you could plug it, it’s also not waterproof but of course, it’s rechargeable. It comes come with a pad that serves as a wireless charger and just put it there to charge it instantly.


Spire’s co-founder said that like any other trackers, the more you wear this device, the more effective and helpful it will be. So when you do, it will then give you a heads up when you’re actually getting stressed since it will be all based on your past behaviors so it could help you actually exercise. This device comes with an app so that is where all the data is basically stored. “It has about six hours of memory on the divide and that’s how you frame it – hours instead of kilobytes. The point of how much my life can it store before it needs to be synced and that sync is happening all the time. But if you go for a walk or are away from your phone, it is about six hours,” Moraveji explained. He also mentioned that they are continuing on actually improving it and making it better, they are even working on sleep tracking at the moment. It’s advanced technology so eventually, things will get better and better with updates just like other techs such as smartphones and smartwatches.

Spire stores back-up memory using a smartphone

Spire is available on Amazon but will also be available in Apple stores for $129.95.

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